How to use Cydia: tips for newbies

Appliances from Apple in our country has always been considered a symbol of "successful person", and therefore it is always willing to buy, even despite the clearly inflated prices. That's just people are not always satisfied with their purchase.

how to use cydia

What are the causes of frustration?

How so? It would seem that everything is at the buyer's service: an excellent quality of workmanship and a well-designed, very beautiful interface. A huge number of applications in the store and their excellent functionality, a lot of interactive services and other "buns" ... But not everything is so simple. It turns out that the ideology of the company is far from “popular”: there are no slots for memory cards or even more or less free access to the file system. As for the applications, almost all of them are paid, and often the money is asked even for very “ridiculous” programs.

What is the way out?

What answer will the “advanced” users give? Put Jailbreak, of course! Surprisingly,but even many ardent opponents of hacked applications eventually have to do it, because otherwise they simply won't get full access to their own device. And this is where the main problem arises: after the Jailbreak, an icon of a certain "Sidia" appears on the desktop. Stop, and what is it? What is this program for? And how to use Cydia?

General provisions

So, Cydia. This is a kind of alternative application store, in which there are hundreds of system tweaks and other applications with such skills that they will not be definitely missed in the App Store. In general, for the sake of all these utilities, they also put a “break” on the system, since its functionality then increases several times. There is no censorship in this store, but programs are also paid and free. And often the interest of the creator in the commercial promotion can be found only by installing and running the application. As a rule, there is a small window in it, which hints at the joy of the author of the program when a certain amount is transferred to him. Its size is often put at your discretion. In a word, complete democracy.

Run and watch

how to use sidiaImportant! To work in this application, you need a normal and fairly fast channel to connect to the Internet.When you first enter the download time, it can take a lot, since the application will load a lot of the necessary content for its work. If you are not in a hurry and nervous, letting the utility complete its plans, all subsequent launches will be carried out several times faster. Once again we remind: you should not write huge treatises on the forums when Cydia "does not start" when it is first turned on. In this position, she can spend a few minutes. Do not worry, it is quite normal.

Main system partitions

Well, we loaded into the main working window of the application. Bottom sections will be located, which are largely similar to those for the App Store. To choose your application to your taste, you must go to the Sections item. It is correctly divided into numerous small sections, among which it is much easier to navigate, selecting the utility for specific needs.

Other important points

cydia not startingFollowing is worth a visit Changes. This is a very important section, since it is there that notifications appear about the available updates of the programs that you downloaded from Sidia and installed on your device. Finally, Manage exists to manage all this wealth.From it you can customize all the system tweaks you have installed, add and remove connected repositories, and also receive in the most detailed and reliable information about the remnants of free space on the smartphone. Finally, in the Search section, that is, “Search”, you can easily find the application you need by entering its name in whole or in part.

We use

how to use cydiaSo how to use Cydia? If you read carefully, you already understood that there is absolutely nothing difficult in the program. Run the application by tapping on its icon on the desktop. Wait for the download of all elements of the store, and then find the application you need, using the item Search. Install the right program for you and enjoy your health! Here's how to use Cydia in general terms. But this module has a much more important purpose. The fact is that with the help of this program you can roll back the firmware of your smartphone, even if such an action is not officially provided!

How to roll back the firmware to the old release?

In fact, the rollback of the firmware, as well as the preservation of precious SHSH-certificates, worries many experienced users, since this function often allows you to save a lot of time and nerves.A fresh example is when it turned out that the new iOS 7 often behaves on the old iPhone 4 somewhat inadequately, it was with the help of Sidia that it was possible to change the OS to the old version. How to do it? Carefully read all of the following!

how to use sidia

What is SHSH and what is it for?

The SHSH certificate was once invented by a certain Saurik, who actually created the Cydia program. With the help of the latter, it was initially possible to save a certain certificate that is unique for each device and "issued" to it when installing the firmware. So what is this certificate? SHSH is a special kind of regular digital signature that is assigned to a device by iTunes with each successful firmware. Without this signature, the Apple server will not allow your smartphone or tablet to get the version of the OS you need.

What exactly does this certificate give?

How to explain his appointment with simpler words? If you are trying to flash your device, iTunes sends a request to the company's server. It contains some technical information. In response, it comes just the same certificate that allows downloading the firmware of a specific version.And this is the most valuable! Recently, Apple basically forbade downloading firmwares younger than iOS 6, and some users cannot download anything at all except the seventh version. If you have a saved certificate, then you will download even iOS 5, when it will be necessary.

So how to save it?

And how to use Cydia in the event that you decide to keep the same certificate with its help? There is nothing easier. Simply click on the SHSH & APTicket button. Then tap on another button, Save (your firmware release) Now. At the top of the working window will be listed all the certificates that you have. SHSH will now be stored on the official developer server. We also recommend installing the SHSHit tweak. It is good in that it allows you to save this valuable certificate right on your device. This will allow you to completely not depend on a third-party server.


cydia not startingAs in many other cases, there are also its own pitfalls. First of all, it is worth remembering one simple thing. “Sidia” is an excellent program with unlimited possibilities, which allows making a banal iPhone a truly personal device, the quality and functionality of which will be a cut above the products with “Android” on board. But! You have to pay for everything, but in this case you pay with a guarantee.By installing this software, you automatically lose it. In addition, the installation of any application will now be only your personal matter. Even if as a result of the actions of the installed application you lose some important data, there will be nobody to blame for this.

In conclusion

Here's how to use Sidia. Using this wonderful application, you will discover the world of high-quality and in many ways free programs for Apple technology. With their help, you will get full access to your device. And you can not depend on the next whims of Apple.

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How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 90

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 51

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 27

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 6

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 64

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 10

How to use Cydia: tips for newbies 18

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