How to use castor oil for hair

Historical data

How long has castor oil been used for hair, nobody will say for sure, but we all know that it is from very old times. Its amazing properties were used in antiquity in treating problems of the skin and hair, as a laxative, for the manufacture of ointments, etc. Despite the abundance of all kinds of cosmetic products, this folk remedy does not lose its relevance. Castor oil for hair is considered one of the most sought-after and best products for the care, treatment and recovery.

Castor Hair OilScopes: cosmetology

Many are interested in the question of what is so useful castor oil for hair. The whole secret is the high content of fatty acids, which are famous for their amazing effect on the appearance and condition of the strands. The specific smell of castor oil discourages many women to use it. This problem is solved, but not only with the help of shampoos, but by following a certain algorithm of actions.Before each use, the bottle of castor oil must be heated, and during the procedure, wrap hair with a towel. That's the whole secret.

Castor oil for hair growthWhy use?

Castor oil is used for hair growth, their strengthening, restoration, as well as to combat hair loss and brittleness, to add shine and eliminate dandruff. It should be remembered that efficiency comes only with regular course applications. After the first use, the result is, of course, noticeable, but it needs to be fixed so that it remains permanently.

How to use?

The use of mask means gives amazing results, because they have a more pronounced effect on the problems and eliminate them in a short time. The mask for hair of castor oil with the addition of various components has several directions of action. For example, by mixing medical alcohol with this product, we get a remedy for hair loss, adding brandy strengthens them, olive oil with lemon eliminates dandruff, onion juice stimulates growth.

Facilitate the use of

If you have no time to fiddle with the preparation of the mask, you can use castor oil for hair "alone."It is enough to hold the bottle for about 15 minutes in hot water and rub a useful substance into the scalp. The remains are distributed evenly through the hair. Oil must be heated to increase its effectiveness. After applying the head you need to cover with a towel and stand for about half an hour. Wash off castor oil with a mild shampoo. When aromatic oils are added to castor oil, an unpleasant odor is quickly eliminated. Regular use of this tool during the month gives amazing results.

Castor oil hair maskReviews on the use of castor oil for hair

Women who have experienced castor-based products prove their effect. The curls become soft and strong, acquire a healthy shine, easy to comb. Those who have used castor oil for a long time, noted improved hair growth and the absence of their section. This wonderful tool is absolutely available, unlike expensive analogs with the addition of artificial additives. And hair at the same time receive exclusively healthy food.

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