How to use a nebulizer?

When a person suffers from chronic and acute broncho-pulmonary diseases, it is very important to apply the treating medicine to the place of the disease itself. Usually, if you use pills, they enter the stomach, and from there into the blood and then they can already carry out a neutralizing and therapeutic effect on the pathogen. But it is very long and not always effective. Therefore, it is very necessary to hit a medical device on the place of the disease itself. This is possible through inhalation. And inhalation is carried out using inhalers and nebulizers. The article will discuss how to use a nebulizer.

The principle of the nebulizer

But first about the nebulizer itself and the principle of its action. During the operation of a nebulizer or inhaler, all the liquid that is in the cartridge or a specific container turns into steam or is supplied under air pressure with small parts (droplets) at the site of injury. At the earliest stages of the development of inhalers, the liquid was heated, turned into steam and fed into the desired part of the body.To date, technology has gone ahead and the nebulizer works on a slightly different principle. And accordingly, they are divided into two types: ultrasonic and jetting. In the latter, the principle of compressed air is used.

And regardless of the type of Nubezizer, there is always a Nubelizer, instructions and other components included in the sale. The instructions always signs how to use the nubelizer. Usually the principle of use is very simple. The nubelliser has a container or a canister where the substance to be used is placed. Next, the patient disperses a small amount of the drug and inhales it through the nasopharynx. True, nebulizers often have a special tube that is inserted into the mouth and the patient inhales the substance being sawn.

Nebulizer Tips

But in order to understand how to use the nubelizer correctly, you need to know not only the principle of its operation, the sequence of switching off, but also to be able to adjust it so that it delivers the treating substance in the required doses. It is said that many draw a parallel between the inhaler and the nebulizer, but between them there is a slight difference. The nebulizer can deliver an aerosol in a predetermined amount.That is, it makes it possible to establish the norms of dosing.

A few tips on the proper use of the nebulizer. The camera or nebulizer cartridge should not be less than five millimeters. To dilute the drug, only physiological solutions should be used. Before inhalation, the drug itself must be heated to about room temperature.

Next, before pouring the solution itself into the preparation, you should wash your hands with soap and water. Medicines are poured or special cups, or syringes, or a pipette. After the medicinal solution has been poured in, you can connect all the other components of the compressor, such as a mouthpiece, a face mask, and a compressor. Inhalation should be carried out within 8-10 minutes.

As noted earlier, there are ultrasonic, jet and nebulizer compressor. How to use the latest? This nebulizer works in such a way that the medical device is supplied using air pressure. Therefore, follow the steps described above. After that you need to connect the compressor to the mains, insert the breathing tube into your mouth and press the start button on the compressor.

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