How to remove protection from .pdf?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
October 1, 2014
How to remove protection from .pdf?

Sometimes in the process of work, we are faced with password-protected files, protected from writing, editing, or even opening. What to do to users who really need a secure document for work?

This article will tell you how to remove protection from a pdf file.

Protection against opening

First of all, you need to understand how the necessary file is protected. Sometimes the password is set to open the file, then you will not be able to access either the contents of the file or a single function that you can do with these contents. In this case, the password entry box appears immediately after double clicking on the file. Such passwords are almost impossible to remove.

We'll immediately warn you that you will find a lot of sites on the net that offer online hacking, but they all lure you to some advertising site or - worse, they infect your computer with a virus.

We recommend using Advanced PDF Password Recovery to unlock PDF files. Download the program, install it and set the parameters of work.The interface of the program is simple, the user immediately understands where to put the file to unlock, how to set the hacking parameters and where to click to activate it.

Editing Protection

If the file is protected from editing, you can open it, however, the functions "Print", "Export", etc. will not be active. Such protection is much easier to remove, but you still need a special program. Recommended Wondershare PDF Password Remover. After installing and opening this program, you need to click on the "Add ..." button located in the upper left corner, then press the big Start button in the lower right corner. Now it only remains to wait, after a while the program will display the “Password successfully deleted” window.

Another way to work with secure PDF is to convert it to Word in advance, a good site for this is This method is suitable if you do not care which program to work in, the main thing is to “pull out” the data from the file. However, be warned, the conversion is not always successful and you can get a “curved” document.

Of course, many of you might have thought - what is the point in protecting files, if you unlock them so easily? Actually,All decryption programs are built on the primitive thinking of users, who often use very simple passwords, even to protect really serious documents. So, if, on the contrary, you do not want to remove the file protection, but to avoid this event, use really complex passwords. The main thing is that you don’t forget such a password yourself, otherwise you will have to be on the side of a cracker!

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