How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password? Simple methods, instructions and recommendations

To protect your data stored on thelaptop, users set passwords. But sometimes there is such an unpleasant situation as the inability to remember the code that allows you to log on to Windows. Do not despair. All can be restored fairly quickly and without losing data. How to unlock the laptop will be discussed further.

Can I recover my password?

If you can not enter the password, someimmediately begin to reinstall the operating system. But there are simpler ways. They will tell you how to unlock the laptop in case you forgot your password. Initially, you can use the prompt on the welcome screen. Sometimes, it helps to remember the password yourself, without resorting to any additional actions.
How to unlock your laptop

If, even after reading the prompts, rememberthe password has not been managed, it will be necessary to move to more radical methods. The code in this case can be restored or hacked. All data on the hard disk will be saved.

To understand how to quickly unlock your laptop,several methods should be studied. In various sources, there are many ways, both useful and not very much, how to cope with a similar problem.

What can I do to recover my password?

By filtering out tips that can lead tocomplete blocking the work of the laptop, you should choose the most suitable way. Do not delete SAM files, otherwise the laptop might not turn on at all. There is a system error, the laptop will require a reboot, but everything will repeat in a closed circle. Here, the usual unlock methods will not help.How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password

Next, you must define theUnlock your laptop if you forgot your password. The lost password can be restored or hacked. In the first case, you will need to log in to the system in safe mode, and in the second - to use special software.

Logging in to safe mode

To unlock the laptop on which youWindows is installed, you need to log in to safe mode. You will need to restart the laptop and wait for a short BIOS signal. Then press the F8 button. It is better to do this several times, so as not to miss the moment when the system is ready to execute the command.

Depending on the brand of the laptop, the request to enter the BIOS can be performed using another command. This need to be clarified in the instructions for this type of equipment.

After that, the screen on which thethe available operating system startup modes will be listed. If the laptop starts to load Windows as usual, then something has been done wrong. You will need to repeat the procedure.

To understand how to unlock your laptop (Windowsor other operating system is installed - it is not important) and do not damage the information on the hard disk, you must carefully read the instructions and perform the actions exactly. When the BIOS displays the startup modes, you need to use the keyboard to select "Safe Mode".

The laptop will boot the system. You will be required to log on as an administrator. This user does not have a password by default.

Change password in safe mode

Being in a secure mode,you will need to do the following. You need to start the "Start" button and open the "Control Panel". Then you need to enter the "User Accounts" menu. Here the user will find his account, the password from which was lost or forgotten.How to unlock the laptop if you forgot

On the left side of the screen, you will see a list ofavailable commands. It remains only to find the "Change Password". A new encoding will be required 2 times. If you leave both fields without entries, the password on this computer will no longer be present at all.

Technology, how to unlock the laptop, if you forgot the password, at this stage is almost complete. You will need to click the "Save" button and restart the laptop.

A faster method

There is one more, faster approach that allows you to unlock your laptop. To do this, you need to start the console on the administrator account.

By pressing the Win + R buttons simultaneously, the "Run" tab is called. A dialog box appears, in the empty field of which you need to enter cmd and press Enter.

On behalf of the administrator before the userthe console will open. In it, you need to register net user * username * * new_code * and confirm the entry again. These steps will help you decide how to unlock the drive (laptop with Windows) without damaging the data on it. After the system is restarted, the input is done normally.
How to unlock a Windows laptop

Application of special software

To understand how to unlock your laptop, ifforgot the password, you should consider another method. Sometimes the previous procedure can not be performed due to the change of certain settings by the user. In this case, you can use a special program.

You can install it as a disk image ordifferent platforms. The result will be identical. It all depends on how the user is more comfortable. The image is installed on the prepared boot drive or disk. After that, going into the BIOS, you need to choose how to boot the system from a flash drive (disk).How to unlock a laptop drive

At startup, the program will begin to select a password forlaptop. The method of how to unlock a laptop should be carried out clearly according to these rules. You do not need to delete any files. The program will pick up the old code and require you to restart the laptop. This method takes longer, but it will help if you can not change the password in safe mode.

When deciding how to unlock the laptop,the user can go in two ways. The system code can be hacked or restored. It all depends on the system itself. Information on the hard drive, thanks to this approach, will not be lost. Therefore, these methods are considered quite effective and expedient. If you follow all the instructions in this manual without deleting other files that the user probably does not even know about assigning, the notebook will turn on again. Faced with a similar problem, you should take into account past mistakes and store the password in a safe place.

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How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password Simple methods, instructions and recommendations How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password Simple methods, instructions and recommendations How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password Simple methods, instructions and recommendations How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password Simple methods, instructions and recommendations How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password Simple methods, instructions and recommendations