How to unlock classmates?

Social networks are modern web resources (sites) that were created for communication, searching for friends and acquaintances, organizing all sorts of groups for hobbies. One of the most popular social networks of the Runet is the site.

This successful project was launched by the organizers in 2006. He immediately attracted the attention of Internet users, many of whom have acquired a page (profile, account) on this portal.

In the modern rhythm of life, a person has a minimum of free time, but thanks to social networks, people began to communicate with friends and relatives more often. Let virtual communication does not replace real meetings and get-togethers with friends, but it allows you to maintain contact with people you are interested in.

“Classmates” during working hours

The morning of many office workers begins with reading the Odnoklassniki news line, and some irresponsible employees spend all their working time on social networks. Therefore, employers are forced to impose for their employees various restrictions on the use of the Internet, including blocking access to the site.Therefore, if Odnoklassniki has blocked you at work, it means that you spend too much office time on the Internet.

Therefore, it is not necessary to clarify with colleagues from the information department, how to unblock the site "Classmates". It should be remembered that the employer pays you a salary for work, and not for communication in social networks. The fact that the above situation is widespread is confirmed by statistics from the Yandex search engine. The phrase "blocked Odnoklassniki how to unlock" is looking for every month about 1240 people.

Suspicion of hacking

Difficulties with access to the site arise when using a home computer. These problems may be related to the actions of the site administration and, in order to understand how to unlock Odnoklassniki, you need to find out the reason for restricting access.

This situation occurs in the following cases:

  • The user page may be temporarily blocked when the moderators suspect hacking. If this information is not confirmed, then the lock is removed, and the profile holder is recommended to change the password.To avoid such cases, you should regularly check your computer for viruses.
  • The profile can be blocked for violation of the rules for using the site and the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In this case, restore access is impossible.
  • Can not be restored and deleted profiles.

Simple account unlock rules

The site administration never contacts users in personal correspondence on the page, and usually sends all information on how to unblock the page in Odnoklassniki to the email address specified during registration. Therefore, if you received a message on the site on behalf of the moderators, then do not follow these links, but report this fact to the support service.

In order to learn how to unlock your profile, you must follow the instructions below.

  • Enter the Odnoklassniki home page and, using your username and password, try to log in to your profile.
  • The user will need to select the option "Recover login to the page using the phone." Then an access code will be sent to your number.
  • If you have not entered a phone number during the registration, you will be asked to enter it in order to send you an SMS message with an access code to the site.
  • Then you can enter your profile and change the existing password to a new one.

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