How to understand what a guy likes?

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How to understand what a guy likes?

Love is a wonderful feeling that brings us pleasant excitements and experiences, joy and unforgettable moments. We all aspire to her and look forward to her with impatience. Of course, love begins with sympathy. Often, the first guy shows sympathy. It is very important to recognize it correctly in order to be sure that he really likes you.

Increased attention

Understand whether you like a guy, you can for a number of signs, and the first of them - attention. If it is elevated to your person, it means that a man is not indifferent to you. In this case, attention can be expressed in different ways. So, a guy can take care and a reverent attitude, or, on the contrary, poke fun and take the girl out of himself. The most important thing is that you are important to him, and by and large it does not matter how he tries to show his attention to you.


Another important feature is openness. So, if you notice that the guy is not afraid to show you his true feelings and is trying to hold frank conversations with you, then you can safely say that he likes you.


If you began to notice that the guy is trying to stay with you as often as possible and sits down closer to you at the first opportunity, then this is a sure sign that he likes you. Therefore, do not push him away, but do not allow him to cross the border.

Showing clear interest

When a guy likes a girl, he wants to know literally about her every step. So do not be surprised if he begins to find out where you were in the evening, where you intend to go today, what's new in your life and so on.

Timely assistance

If you notice that a guy does things for you that he is not ready to do for others, then he undoubtedly likes you. Often you can also get a hint from him that he will help you in any situation, even difficult and scrupulous. Thus, he will try to become an indispensable person for you who can be relied on in any situation.


When a guy is not indifferent to a girl, he tries to show her that he is the best. In confirmation of this, he can talk about his successes, goals, plans for the future, financial situation and so on.Like a guy

Meet close friends

If the guy has serious intentions and he is not indifferent to the girl, then he will gradually introduce her into his social circle. Rejoice when he introduces you to his closest friends, because this is a sure sign that you are dear to him and important.

Pay attention to the gestures

To confirm your confidence that the guy is sympathetic to you, you need to watch his gestures and facial expressions. After all, body language can tell us a lot. So start watching your boyfriend:

Hairstyle and clothes

When a guy feels sympathy for a girl, then in her presence he mechanically begins to straighten her hair, brush off her pants, refuel or straighten her shirt, and so on. All this indicates that he wants to look more attractive in your eyes.

Repetition of movements

Like a guy

During a conversation with a pretty girl, a guy may unknowingly start copying her actions. So, for example, if you look at your watch, then he will do it, you pull out the phone, and he reaches for his device, and so on.


When a guy is not indifferent to a girl, it becomes quite difficult for him to control himself.Therefore, during a conversation with her, he may inadvertently touch her hair, arm, shoulder, and so on.

Attention to the face

If a guy likes a girl, then you can notice that when he looks at her, his lips are slightly open, his nostrils are slightly widened, and his eyebrows are slightly raised.

Open poses

When a guy sympathizes with a girl, he sits relaxed, in open postures.Like a guyFor example, he puts his hands with his palms up, his head tilts slightly to the side, and one leg puts forward.

Looking for a look

When a guy is not indifferent to a girl, then during conversations he will look for approval in her eyes, and being in the company, after having said a joke or expressed opinion, first of all he will look at her.

Also, when in front of the guy is a pretty girl to him, he involuntarily begins to rub his eyes, cheeks, chin. All these gestures are a manifestation of excitement and special location.

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