How to understand the look?

Much can be understood from the viewpoint? Some argue that almost all, others say that only a very small part - especially if the person you are trying to "figure out" is an excellent psychologist by nature. Most of the girls and guys, women and men, of course, are interested in how to understand by looking at what we (or) like him or at least are not completely indifferent. Well - if you are careful enough and patient, then this moment from you just will not escape. But first let's dispel one common misconception.

How important is the direction of the view?

Some psychologists say, but other peoplepick up what matters, in which direction the view is directed. As a person who studied psychology and conducted some experiments in this most interesting field of human existence, I can say that the algorithm for detecting lies does not always work, built on whether the view of the interlocutor when talking to you is directed to the right or to the left. Reasonings on this score, proposed by the followers of various psychological theories, are of a probabilistic nature, and far from absolute, as they would like. A person can, with an unexpected question, turn his eyes to the right and lie, or he can look to the left and tell the truth. Simply the whole point is that many forget one simple thing: for different people it is customary and to look differently. To judge by the direction of the view of the person's intentions or whether he told the truth or lied to you, you need to take into account too much: habits, character, physiological characteristics of a person. And this means that you need to watch a person for a certain time, and only then you can more or less accurately judge whether he is deceiving you or telling the truth.

How to understand the look of a man or a woman?

First of all, do not complicate your task and do nottry to draw conclusions from random views simply because they are of an accidental nature and can talk about anything (for example, a person is distracted by something and throws a quick glance in that direction or drew attention to some detail of the interior or your clothes) . The most important is repeatability. After all, how does the guy look to understand that you are not indifferent to him? Yes, it's very simple. He will look at you for a long time and will be interested. If the look is calm and at the same time rather intimate, directed at the conversation directly into the eyes, then, most likely, the man is interested in you seriously. Practically the same can be said about the female look. And how do you assess if a guy or girl hardly looks at you when you talk? Does this mean that you are indifferent to him? By no means, it still does not say anything. Here it is necessary to take into account such a factor as the degree of shyness and shyness. One is easy to look people in the eyes, others are very difficult, especially if a person likes. If you know that the person you are interested in is rather timid, then pay attention to how he looks at you, thinking that you do not notice it. That's where his true attitude to you will manifest. If he does not even try to look at you furtively, he is either pathologically shy, or (more likely) simply not interested in you.

Lies or does not lie

Let's say at once: There is no ideal method, how to understand by looking, someone deceives you or tells the truth. In order to understand this, we must take into account the character and temperament of a person, his habits, physiological characteristics, etc. etc. Why does a glancing look not always mean a lie? Because a person, even telling you the true truth, can be nervous. Why a calm look can mean that a person is brazenly lying to you? Yes, simply because he used to lie like that. The same applies to those moments that we discussed above: the direction of the view. That's why at first you should study the person well, understand in what situations and how he reacts - then you are very likely to be able to judge whether the person is telling the truth or not: by look, by facial expressions, by gestures. And if you are advised to buy a book or for money to learn a technique such as "100% information about a person by sight" or "guaranteed recognition of a lie by sight" - you just want to be deceived. But let's talk a little more about different views and what they can mean.

What else can the look say?

Running, not stopping long on oneplace view, most often says that a person is afraid of something, is concerned about something, not sure about something, or just does not trust you too much - especially if he rarely looks you in the eye. A thoughtful or absent-minded look indicates that a person is "eating something", cares about some problem - maybe with you, not connected at all. If it does not repeat regularly, then the problem is not in you. If a person looks so constantly, then you most likely do not need him, at least at this stage of your life. In general, it can be said that the longer and longer the visual contact between people, the more interest people show to each other. But, again - as a rule. Sometimes there are such hypocrites who will literally eat you with their eyes, but in fact your person is not particularly interested in them. And some of the titans can hardly look at you for the whole conversation, but to love you more than those who constantly look into your eyes when meeting you, and, incidentally, just as steadfastly look at you stealthily. In addition, a look directed into the eyes of a conversation can be just an elementary manifestation of politeness (what to hide-that is how the author of these lines often looks when communicating: not because the person is interesting, but simply out of respect). Therefore, one last time I will remind you of one important detail, directly related to how to understand a girl or a guy from a look: observe the regular manifestations of how people look at you and the environment. And not only how he looks, but also how and what he says, how he gesticulates, etc. Only knowing a person from different sides, one can judge the motives of his actions and, in particular, his views, more or less definitely. In addition, people are often subject to accidental influences, so in order to get an impression of a person's true attitude to you according to his view, five minutes of observation is definitely not enough.

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