How to turn on the boiler for heating water?

From the proper installation of the water heater depends on both its service life and safety of people living in the room. Therefore, the installation process of the boiler should be approached very carefully. How to connect a water heater, and what is needed for this, we consider in this article.

What you need to connect?

To connect the water heater will need:

  • wrench 22x24;
  • special tape for sealing joints (FUM tape);
  • "flexible eyeliner" - water hoses in metal braid;
  • "euro" socket (with ground contact;
  • electrical wire;
  • brackets for fixing the device to the wall;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • two 1/2 inch cranes.
Boiler in the water system

Varieties of water heaters

Before you turn on the boiler for heating, it should be borne in mind that water heaters are divided into several types, according to the principle of operation.

Electric storage boilers heat the water, mainly up to 60-75 degrees and then, in the automatic mode, maintain the desired temperature.Such heaters do not consume a lot of electricity, because they do not heat the water immediately, but gradually. For example, heaters per 150 liters consume energy in the range of 1-2 kW. Storage boilers are available with capacities from 10 liters to 550 liters.

Unlike storage-type water heaters, flow-through water heats up almost instantly, and therefore consumes a significantly larger amount of electricity (6-27 kW). Along with this, such boilers are capable of providing consumers with an unlimited supply of hot water, and they are also not so capricious in terms of maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient power of electricity in the house, before turning on the boiler to 10 or 20 kW.

Gas flow-through heaters deserve special attention, as they are completely safe in operation, thanks to a safety valve that blocks the flow of gas in the event that the burner goes out. These boilers are automated and ensure complete combustion of the gas during start-up. The temperature of heating in such devices is controlled smoothly, thanks to the automation, is constantly maintained and independent of the pressure drop of water.

Installation of a water heater

To fix the boiler on the wall, you need special brackets equipped with hooks. Usually they come bundled with a heater, but if not, they are purchased separately. Water heaters have special openings in the back for hanging. The brackets are mounted on the wall, and the device is hung on them before turning on the boiler.

Wall boiler

Then you need to connect to the heater cold water. A special ball valve is screwed to the inlet valve, and already to it, a flexible eyeliner, previously connected to the water supply system. Then, at the outlet of the hot water, a tap is also installed, which is connected to the hot water pipes.

After performing the work on connecting the hoses, open the cold water inlet valve and the hot outlet valve. After that, you need to open another hot water tap - in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it does not matter. This is necessary for the unobstructed exit of the air that is still there from the boiler. As soon as water starts flowing from the hot water tap, close it. Boiler is full.

Water heater connection

It remains to solve the question of how to turn on the boiler in the electrical network. Using an electrical wire with a diameter of at least 2.5 millimeters, you will need to install an euro-socket (be sure to check for the presence of a ground contact).It is recommended to make such a connection with a separate line from the distribution board.

In a private house, grounding can be arranged by hammering a piece of metal corner or reinforcement into the ground, for example, in the basement. The size of the grounding element in the ground must be at least 1 meter.

After that, you need to turn on the power plug in the outlet and press the START (Power) button on the boiler and set the desired water heating temperature. After about an hour and a half, the water in the appliance will heat up and you can use the water heater.

It is necessary to ensure that the brackets are securely mounted on the wall, as the tank filled with water can fall and cause injury to people.

It is better to keep the boiler permanently on - this will help to significantly save on electricity consumption.

Checking the installed boiler

Regardless of who carried out the installation of the boiler, before turning on the boiler, be sure to check the operation of the entire system.

Bathroom water heater

For this purpose, the first start is carried out, and the correctness of the connection of the wires of the zero and phase, grounding and circuit breaker is checked.To check the electrical component using a tester or a special electrician screwdriver. You should carefully check the system for possible leaks. Check underwater pipes and check valve operation.

The temperature sensor reading is recorded and after 15 minutes they check it again. If the figures have increased, this means that the work has been carried out qualitatively and the boiler can be safely used.

Select heating mode

The temperature is set before turning on the boiler to heat the water, at the rate of providing comfort to the user. However, there are some nuances that are desirable to follow:

  1. Do not set the temperature below 35-40 degrees. At such low temperatures, bacteria quickly develop inside the tank and this will lead to covering the inside of the tank with a layer of fungi, which is extremely difficult to get rid of. In addition, water will acquire an unpleasant smell, which is inherent in the mold. It is best to keep the temperature around 60 degrees. This mode prevents the accumulation of scale on heating elements and reduces the likelihood of fungi and mold.
  2. At least once a week it is advisable to set the heating temperature to about 90 degrees and return the boiler to the previous mode after 2-3 hours. This completely destroys the bacteria that have appeared in the tank.

Rules that will help increase the life of the cumulative boiler

  • Before turning on the boiler when it is already installed, you must be absolutely sure that there is water inside the tank. Otherwise, TENs may fail.
  • It is highly recommended to install a filter on the cold water supply to the boiler. This will prevent dirt from getting inside the device, as well as reduce water hardness.
  • Every year should be carried out cleaning of the heater from the accumulated scale.
  • The magnesium anode should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Flow boilers

For normal operation of the flow principle boilers, sufficient water pressure is required at the inlet to the apparatus. If cold water comes in with a weak stream - the boiler will not be able to function. This should be considered before turning on the water boiler.

The temperature of water heating can be regulated by special regulators or buttons on the body, or a mixer tap.

Flow type water heater

Before you turn on the boiler for water in the bathroom is better to provide protection against splashing water.

It is not recommended to install water heaters in rooms in which the air temperature drops below zero degrees.

If the water heater is not used for a long time, it is better to turn it off, and to drain water from the tank during the cold season.

If the water heater does not turn on

If the device does not turn on, then, first of all, you should check:

  • electricity;
  • UZO;
  • automatic machines;
  • sockets.

Sometimes the voltage is not supplied to the device due to the fact that the cable in some place interrupted. Using the tester, you can easily find a place of failure.

In the event that the boiler does not respond to switching on, and the voltage is applied at the same time, this may be due to a thermostat failure, lack of water in the tank or failure or contamination of heating elements.

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