How to tune a car?

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How to tune a car?

Modern tuning is made to improve the appearance of the car, change and optimize engine performance or increase passenger comfort. All these changes contribute to the individualization of the machine and increase its practical attractiveness for the owner.

You can tune a car in different ways, some of them are quite capable of doing it yourself, and some of them only with the help of specialists.

How to tune a car by yourself

Homemade tuning is relatively simple and affordable. However, some of these options should be trusted to professionals if you doubt your own skills or experience.

Xenon headlights

Headlight replacement is one of the most fashionable ways to modernize the body of a car. However, pay attention to the fact that xenon lamps can be put only on the headlights with lenses, otherwise you will dazzle the drivers of oncoming cars.

To perform this tuning, do the following:

  1. Remove the headlamp and see which lamps are used in your car.
  2. Install the ignition blocks in the free places of the headlights.
  3. Connect them to the general lighting network.

Important! It is impossible to put xenon lamps in fog lamps, because they do not perform their main task - they do not provide additional lighting in foggy weather.

Noise insulation

Using modern noise insulation coatings, you can significantly increase the comfort of the car. This tuning can also be done by yourself, the method of coverage depends on the type of material you choose.

Tuning audio system

Music lovers and party lovers in an open space can use the installation of a more powerful speaker system. In order for the new sound level to please you as long as possible, pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose high-quality equipment, all wiring should be with a normal cross-section, as this affects not only the performance of the speaker system, but also the safety of the machine;
  • Use the recommendations of experienced drivers when installing the system, if you are not sure that you are able to do everything yourself;
  • Make a special box for the subwoofer, wherever you decide to place it. So you will be sure that nothing will happen to him on any road.

Film wrapping

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of films, with which you can change the color and texture of the car body, as well as make tinted glass. The car, pasted over with matte film, looks very original in the general stream of waxed cars. It is possible to paste over both the car as a whole and creating interesting drawings and ornaments.

TuningHow to perform film wrapping:

  1. Wash the car thoroughly and polish the body with a filling polish to get rid of minor scratches.
  2. Dissolve some detergent in water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  3. Pasting cars better parts. Measure out the right amount of film, spray the surface to be glued with soapy water.
  4. Remove the backing sheet from the film and spread it on the body. Expel air from under the film with a rubber spatula.
  5. Wipe the surface with a rag. Get to work on another part of the body.


Taping - these are stickers of drawings intended for pasting cars.TuningApplied on the film principle.

Headlamp Covers

In the people received the name "cilia", although rather they resemble the eyelids in the "eyes" of the car. A large selection of such accessories can be found in online stores and car markets. Installed using special latches, tuning is not difficult.

Other tuning options

Carbon Pasting

Carbon is a carbon material with a textured surface. Professionals can use it to change the appearance of the body of your car or its parts. It’s difficult to work with carbon fiber yourself, because the material is too fragile.

Aerodynamic skirts and spoilers

Aerodynamic body kit - made of plastic, fiberglass or metalTuningAn additional detail of the car, giving it a somewhat aggressive look. It has practical application - improves the behavior of cars at speeds in excess of 120 km / h. Usually skirts are attached to the front bumper.

Spoiler - an element used in sports cars to improve aerodynamics. Currently, many motorists install it as a decorative element. Be careful, the spoiler is able to reduce the stability and maneuverability of the machine.


Drawings on cars. Performed by artists who can turn the body of your car into a work of art with the help of an original painting.

Tuning engine and other parts

There are craftsmen who modernize the engine in various ways, improving its properties or, for example, weld the second fuel tank for the convenience of traveling. All these changes are closely related to the lifestyle of the owner of the car, so it is best to consult with tuning experts to choose the right one for you.

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