How to treat streptoderma?

Streptoderma - a skin disease that manifests itself in the form of small ulcers. However, if you do not start treatment in time, further damage to the skin will occur, leading to the proliferation of ulcers. Most often, this disease affects people with weak immune systems.

Below are the drug and folk methods of treatment of streptoderma.

How to treat streptoderma in the traditional way

If the disease is treated with conventional therapy, it is necessary to take bactericidal drugs. An integrated approach is usually assumed.

Drugs inside

  • Often, patients are prescribed antibiotics of the penicillin group. For example, "Amoxiclav" or "Augmentin".
  • Safer drugs are macrolide antibiotics. These include tablets "Erythromycin" and "Azithromycin."

However, it is necessary to take into account the factor that antibiotics may be contraindicated for one reason or another.

  • For example, if a patient is not recommended to take penicillin, the doctor may prescribe "Doksibene".
  • For severe forms of the disease, experts advise taking Tetradox, Rovamycin or Macropen.
  • If the patient began treatment immediately after the appearance of the first ulcers, then prescribe such drugs as "Vibramitsin" or "Unidox-Solutab."

External drugs

As for ointments, they should also be based on antibiotics. For the treatment of streptoderma apply "Heliomycin", "Erythromycin" ointment, as well as ointment "Lorinden C".

Before treatment, it is important to consult with a specialist so that the doctor can choose the right drugs. This is especially true for the treatment of children.

How to treat streptoderma popular way

In the treatment of streptoderma, various decoctions and tinctures are considered effective means.

Healing tinctures

For example, you can make a tincture based on Sophora. To do this, grind the plant and pour it with alcohol or vodka. After that, it is required to put the vial with its contents in a dark cool place for two or three weeks. It is recommended to make lotions on the affected places several times a day. In addition, the finished tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy.

You can also make tincture of hazel.Brew a tablespoon of dried leaves in a glass of boiling water and let the mixture stand. Divide the contents of the mug into several receptions and use the infusion before eating.


Cope with the disease will help the broth on the basis of sage. Mix half a cup of crushed plants with two cups of boiling water and boil the mixture for ten minutes. Cool the broth and divide into five or six receptions.

Prevention of streptoderma

The most important rule is personal hygiene. It is also important to limit yourself from contact with people who are prone to the disease.

In addition, do not forget to treat infectious diseases in a timely manner. Often, children have weakened immunity, so it is important to carefully monitor the health of the child.

The next rule is the treatment of wounds and insect bites with special preparations.

An important is a healthy lifestyle (proper nutrition, sports, sleep).

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