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Scabies is a disease that many used to frighten earlier, but nowadays its relevance is noticeably reduced. And yet the cases of infection are known, so it would not be superfluous to know how to treat scabies. Highly effective drugs that quickly eliminate the cause of the disease were invented, and in just a couple of days almost all the symptoms to treat scabies

General view of therapy

The best effect is given by a systematic approach to the elimination of the disease, so the doctor develops a scheme that will then have to be scrupulously applied in practice. There are quite a few medicines against the disease, but a systematic approach is required regardless of the choice of drug.

How to treat scabies? The first rule is the simultaneous treatment of all lesions. If you miss at least one of the places where the disease manifested itself, the likelihood of re-infection is high, which will be much more difficult to eliminate.

Features of treatment: the main rule

Regardless of whether it was decided to treat scabies with some ointment, this tool will have to be very thoroughly rubbed into the affected surfaces. True, you need to be more careful with the skin on the neck, face and hair-covered part of the head. Rub the drugs have hands.

Usually, the population of the disease-causing scabies mite focuses on the hands. Suffer and skin between your fingers. Itching is localized in this area, and without proper and timely treatment, the disease can cause serious damage.

Features of treatment in children

If children develop scabies, treatment is largely on the shoulders of the parents. We will have to carefully treat all the damaged skin, rubbing drugs into them. In the case of young patients, medications are carefully rubbed even into the skin on the face, under the hair and on the neck, if they are affected by a tick. Treatment of scabies in children is much more difficult than the fight against the disease in adulthood, as there is a high risk of infection and suppuration.

first sign of scabies

When treating the skin of a sick child, you need to pay special attention to protecting the baby's eyes from ingestion of medication.When the medicine has been thoroughly rubbed into the affected areas, the child is wearing gloves, protecting damaged hands and increasing the effectiveness of the remedy. If it was decided to use aerosols, first close the mouth and eyes with a napkin, a clean cloth, only after that the treatment composition is sprayed. In general, the answer to the question of how to treat scabies is not complicated: carefully, carefully and under the supervision of a doctor, observing the recommendations of specialists.

Important features

In the treatment of scabies in adults, children, drugs are applied to the skin in the evening. During this period of the day, the tick is activated, so the effectiveness of the drugs is maximum.

The correct approach requires strict adherence to the advice of the doctor treating scabies - a dermatologist. It is the doctor who selects the medicine, evaluating the patient's condition, individual characteristics, the complexity of the case, the age of the patient. Pre-reveal what kind of disease struck a person, only after that you can begin treatment. There is a huge variety of drugs on the market. How to treat scabies in humans in a particular case is not easy to understand, so you should trust this to a specialist.

Prevention and treatment

Finding the first signs of scabies, you must immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor studies the situation, takes the necessary tests, chooses the treatment, and monitors its success. It is the doctor who concludes that the disease has been completely conquered, and of his own free will to stop the treatment. The physician must be told about all the important factors that may influence the choice of therapy. The doctor knows exactly how to treat scabies for pregnant women, allergies, children, and on the basis of information about the patient's condition makes a decision in favor of a specific drug treatment.

Prevention is necessary for all family members who have an outbreak of the disease. Even if a person looks completely healthy, prevention is a must. If sexual and other contacts have occurred with an infected person, it is necessary to undergo a full course of preventive treatment. If the disease has provoked complications, an additional course of antibiotics will be required.

Features of the use of drugs

The doctor chooses how to treat scabies, and the patient's task is to strictly follow his instructions. First of all it is a hygiene issue.It is necessary to wash thoroughly before and after each session. Used medications remain on the skin for 12 hours, then gently wash off. Typically, the funds are applied in the evening, so you need to thoroughly wash in the morning.

scabies in children

Hygiene procedures for the treatment of scabies are as follows. First, take a hot shower, use soap and washcloth. At the same time, mites and the substances produced by them in the process of their vital activity are removed from the skin. The top layer of the skin under the influence of hot water softens, and when applying the medication components easily and quickly penetrate into the epidermis, which increases the effectiveness of therapy.

Do not lose vigilance

Completion of treatment (how long to treat scabies, the doctor decides) is accompanied by a complete change of bed linen and wearable clothes. All things are disinfected, special attention is paid to personal belongings. Indoors, during the treatment and after it, a wet cleaning is organized every day, underwear is boiled, ironed from the inside and outside. In addition, it is recommended to air things - in the freezing weather, one day is enough, in warm weather - up to five days.It would not be superfluous to use disinfectant formulations developed specifically against the scabies mite.

No amateur performance

How to treat scabies, doctors are taught, and this is not by accident. The disease is rather unpleasant, and the complications from it are even worse, therefore it is unacceptable to experiment or use inappropriate medicines. Not to mention the fact that antibiotics and many other drugs negatively affect various organs, systems, and suppress immunity. Incorrectly chosen drug therapy will not just not cope with the disease, but will give it the opportunity to develop further. To prevent this from happening, you need to fix the problem under the supervision of a graduate. It is unacceptable to engage in self. Pharmacies sell quite a lot of medicines, many of which are sold without a prescription, but this is not a reason to experiment on yourself (and especially on children) and risk health.

Some medicines are combined with each other and increase the effect of the application. Others, on the contrary, are in conflict. The poor choice of therapy leads to complications, infections, and allergies affecting not only the skin, but also the internal organs.Doctors, suggesting that dermatitis may develop, prescribe antihistamines in advance to cope with the itching and not to face allergies.

Medicines: four groups

Drugs used in the fight against scabies can be divided into:

  • based on sulfur;
  • insecticidal;
  • synthetic balsamic;
  • popular recipes.

doctor treating scabies

All options fight ticks, eliminate itching (with a greater or lesser degree of effectiveness). Medicines kill ticks, insect larvae, are quite easy to use. Modern drugs cause minimally mild irritation and are rapidly eliminated from the body tissues. Preference should be given to low-odor drugs that do not stain objects.

The most common medicines are:

  • Sulfuric ointment;
  • "Spregal";
  • Peruvian balsam;
  • benzyl benzonate.

Sulfuric ointment

The first sign of scabies is itching, weakening in the daytime, more painful in the evening and at night. More often it is felt in the area of ​​the hands, between the fingers on the hands. As soon as such a symptom is detected, it is time to visit a dermatologist. If the disease is just beginning, the treatment is usually quite simple, quick. Sulfuric ointment has proven itself at this stage.It is used most often. With proper use of parasites completely disappear in just 7 days. However, at the end of treatment, you will have to go through dermatological control twice - after three days and after 10. If the tests show purity, the person is cured.

Sulfuric ointment smells rather unpleasant and is practically not absorbed. There are traces on her clothes. In addition, there are frequent cases of allergic reactions. But the advantage of this drug is a low price. If you need to quickly deal with the tick without the burden on the family budget, sulfuric ointment is ideal. It is unacceptable to use in the period of gestation.

Benzyl benzonate

If you make a list of the most effective medicines for scabies tick, this drug will take the second place after sulfur ointment. On sale is represented by emulsions, creams. Fights with parasites, a good anesthetic with keratolytic action.

how to treat scabies in a person medication

The tool is used in the evening, and only once is enough to completely exterminate a colony of active ticks. Reprocessing is done after 3 days, when the next generation hatch from eggs. Before using the drug thoroughly wash, change the bed, underwear.

Means is easily absorbed, does not spoil clothes. Negative effect - the effect on the nervous system.In rare cases, it provokes dermatitis. Can not be used during pregnancy, during lactation. At the age of three, they are used extremely carefully, with constant monitoring of the condition of the sick child.


The drug is popular, in great demand, sold over the counter. The main active ingredient is esdepalethrin. This is a toxic substance that kills scabies. The activation of the action of the toxin is due to the presence of piperonyl butoxide. "Spregal" is produced in the form of an aerosol, used before bedtime. On the skin is sprayed from a distance of 20 cm, for the treatment of the person using a cotton swab. The manufacturer claims that the product is effective not only against adults, but also eggs. However, doctors strongly advise that after the initial application, wait three days and treat the affected skin again. Often, after application, patients notice itching, burning.

how to treat scabies pregnant

The most unpleasant quality of "Spregal" - the high price of the drug. However, one bottle is enough for a full therapy of at least three patients. The drug almost does not smell, does not spoil and does not stain clothes. Allowed for the treatment of patients, lactating women.It can be used to treat scabies in newborns.


The tool is on sale represented by ointments, sprays, lotions and in the form of a cream. It is not recommended to use "Permethrin" on the face, under the hair on the head, on the neck. To apply the drug, use a cotton swab. In addition to scabies, the drug shows high efficacy in pubic pediculosis. There may be unpleasant side effects - burning, itching. There are cases of allergic reactions. The tool can not be used in infancy, during lactation. During gestation of the fetus and the age of 5 years is used under the strict supervision of a dermatologist.


The drug is available in the form of an aerosol, a synthetic active ingredient - pyrethrin. You can use the tool to treat the affected skin, with the exception of the face, hair-covered part of the head. In most cases, one treatment cycle is enough, but if necessary, the treatment is repeated. Side effects are unknown. You can use the drug during pregnancy, lactation, as well as in the treatment of scabies in infants.

how to treat scabies


This insecticide is based on an active active ingredient called gammabenzenehexachloran. It has no smell or color. On sale is represented by powders, lotions.The second option is more popular due to its ease of use. Preference is given to the powder if the weather is too hot. The tool must be applied once a day to the affected skin.

In rare cases, the drug provokes the development of eczema. Not allowed for use by children during gestation and lactation. You can not use "Lindan" in the presence of other skin diseases, except scabies, as well as in the presence of scratching.

Popular wisdom to help against the disease

How to treat scabies folk remedies is not a secret, but the effectiveness of such methods is not too high. It is recommended to discuss the use of traditional medicine with your doctor, otherwise there is a chance that this approach may reduce the effect of traditional medicine used without any positive result for health.

Birch tar is most commonly used. The tool is applied directly to the foci of the disease and left for three hours, then carefully washed off.

An alternative option - ointments made at home. Classic recipes:

  • turpentine and butter (1: 2);
  • celandine and petrolatum (1: 4);
  • sulfur and lard (1: 2);
  • celandine and cream;
  • bay leaf and butter;
  • butter, molasses, garlic ash.

Ointment: what else?

The well-known recipe for homemade ointment for scabies is based on the following components: lard, sulfur powder, tar, green soap. All substances are taken in equal proportions. To improve the structure of the ointment, you can add chalk in powder form.

Another well-known option is a mixture of mustard oil and garlic minced in a porridge. For 100 g of garlic you need 500 ml of oil. The mixture is boiled for 15 minutes on low heat, cooled, after which the ointment is ready for use.

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