How to treat gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the stomach walls. The main causes of gastritis are considered to be the effects of certain drugs, damage to the walls of the stomach, the action of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, and, of course, poor diet. The love of harmful, fatty or too spicy food, the abuse of alcohol, frequent consumption of convenience foods or fast food leads to gastritis. Previously, we have already considered diets that should be followed during gastritis in our articles:

Here we will try to figure out how to treat gastritis in acute and chronic forms.

Forms of gastritis and their symptoms

Doctors distinguish acute and chronic gastritis. Acute appears 6-8 hours after ingestion of spicy or fatty foods. There is pain, heaviness in the stomach, nausea, or even vomiting, dizziness, belching or flatulence, appetite disappears. Often, the symptoms of gastritis do not appear very strongly, and the patient tries to endure or relieve pain with drugs, without going to the doctor.

As a result of this initiative, a chronic form of gastritis can develop, in which the secretion of gastric juice is disturbed. If it is allocated too much, such gastritis is called gastritis with high acidity. In this case, the patient suffers from acute pain in the stomach, nausea and heartburn. If too little gastric juice is excreted, gastritis with low acidity occurs. When a patient has a metallic taste in his mouth, he is tormented by nausea and vomiting, constipation and loss of appetite.

Gastritis treatment

To determine how to treat gastritis of the stomach, you should first consult a doctor who diagnoses your disease more accurately. However, it is possible to treat gastritis at home. First of all, the patient must provide a diet, the rules of which are described in the above articles. To relieve an attack of acute gastritis, it is also recommended to wash the stomach with mineral water.

Next, you should understand how to treat chronic gastritis. The doctor decides this depending on the level of acidity. The level of acidity is determined by analysis of gastric juice.Here I will give only examples of the treatment of chronic gastritis.

How to treat gastritis with high acidity? For the treatment of this form of gastritis are used drugs such as almagel or vikalin, reducing the acidity of gastric juice. In addition, the use of drugs that promote the restoration of the stomach walls, for example, pentoxyl.

If necessary, the treatment of gastritis with low acidity, as a rule, use the drug quaterone. It does not reduce the secretion of gastric juice, but helps to cope with pain and spasms.

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies

Many prefer to treat gastritis folk remedies instead of medication. I do not recommend treating chronic gastritis with folk remedies. For another type of gastritis, there are the following treatment recipes:

  • In the earliest period after the onset of an attack, it is recommended to drink tea from a rosehip infusion.
  • You can use a teaspoon of aloe juice before meals.
  • Plantain juice helps relieve pain and restores the walls of the stomach.

However, there are popular recipes for the treatment of chronic gastritis. The main thing is to use them "together" and not "instead of" the treatment recommended by the doctor!

  • For example, for any chronic gastritis and even gastric ulcer it is recommended to use propolis for a month.
  • For gastritis with high acidity, it is recommended to drink a glass of potato juice every morning, and a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice before meals.
  • In case of gastritis with low acidity, one teaspoon of horseradish or several teaspoons of fresh cranberries should be eaten before meals. These products contribute to the secretion of gastric juice.

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