How to treat funk?

Nadezhda Kazantseva
Nadezhda Kazantseva
February 19, 2013
How to treat funk?

Fright is a temporary breakdown of the nervous system. Most often, fright happens in small children and babies when they have little knowledge of the world around them. The duration and methods of treatment of fear are determined depending on the complexity of the case. Independently, without consulting a psychotherapist, the treatment carried out may not give the desired results, and sometimes it is simply dangerous to the health of the child. Depending on the case, uses several ways to treat a fright.

Fear treatment

If the reason is determined, you should gradually show the child that the object of his fear does not threaten him. The process is long - for months and more. In addition, fear is not a disorder that goes away over the years. If untreated, it can turn into a phobia. For example, if a child is afraid of an animal, then it is necessary to do:

  • The first thing to do is to convince the child of the harmlessness of the object of fear.
  • Then you can try to sketch out an animal, an insect, etc.
  • After a while, when the child is ready, let him draw a picture for himself.
  • The next step is to view the photos of this object. Remember that at each stage it is necessary to show the child that there is nothing terrible, and he is safe.
  • After the photos, you can give the child a video.
  • After the time expires, view the animal through the glass window. When the child no longer afraid to see the animal (dog, for example), you can show it at a safe distance, and then try to walk up and stroke it.

Do not rush the child, otherwise the effect may be lost. If a child feels physically ill at the sight of an object of fear, this means that fear has turned into a phobia and how to treat funk in a child, only a specialist can say. It is forbidden to engage in self.

How to treat baby fright

  • The most important aspect is the rest of the baby, compliance with sleep, feeding. It is necessary to bathe the baby in the broth of lemon balm, thyme, motherwort. Water should be warm, but not hot.
  • Orthodox Christians can bathe a child in holy water, go to church, pray and put a candle for health.
  • At bedtime, the baby can sing a lullaby and have a massage.
  • During the day, it is very important to avoid loud noises and situations that can re-frighten the baby. In addition, you should be calm and in a good mood to make it easier for your child to adapt.

If you haven’t chosen a way to get rid of fear among the people's councils, you shouldn’t go to the “grandmas” and scare the child with obscure actions of a stranger. You should seek help from a neurologist. The main thing is not to start the treatment process. In addition, some fears are peculiar to a certain age and are disappearing (for example, the fear of darkness).

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