How to treat a cough during pregnancy?

The woman's body during pregnancy is verysensitive to various infections. If we talk about drug treatment, then this method is highly undesirable for a future mother, since chemical drugs are dangerous for the child. The same should be said for some herbs that are forbidden during pregnancy. But still, if the disease has overtaken a woman in this situation, it is necessary to take certain measures. About this and how to cure a cough during pregnancy, next.

Increase immunity

First of all, one should take care of the generalstate of health of a pregnant woman. Drugs to increase immunity, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, most often contain alcohol, so they are not recommended for taking on a future mother. Such tinctures as lemongrass, ginseng, echinacea and others can increase the pressure and make the child's heart beat in an accelerated rhythm. That's why you should use natural immunostimulants.

To do this, you can grate on a small grater horseradish andmix it with sugar half and leave in a warm place for 12 hours. After that, squeeze out the resulting juice through the gauze and take one tablespoon during a cold or any infectious disease. Such a facility is considered safe and efficient. If you take this juice regularly during a period of sore throat, then you will never have the question "How to treat a cough during pregnancy?".

Fighting the cold

Since cough and runny nose are more common in pregnancyall are present simultaneously, it is necessary to struggle with them in a complex. If we talk about vasoconstrictive drops for the nose, for example, Naftizine, then they should be used very carefully, while observing the instructions. The fact is that the action of such drops is such that they have the property of penetrating into the placenta and disrupting the blood supply of the fetus. That's why using these drugs should be only when absolutely necessary.

To quickly and safely overcome the common cold, you canuse the following tool. Take the salt on the tip of the knife and dilute it in a glass of warm water. With this solution, you should wash your nose several times a day. In addition, you can purchase in the pharmacy special funds Aquamaris or Saline, which for medicinal properties are similar to the washing of the nose. Also remove the obstruction will help balm "Star", which must be applied to the bridge of the nose and whiskey.

Warming up

This point also helps to find the answer to the question"how to cure a cough during pregnancy." Since hovering legs or taking a hot bath is contraindicated, the best way will be dry heat. To do this, you need to wrap your neck with a warm scarf or a handkerchief, preferably at night. You can also wear woolen socks, which are sprinkled with a little mustard powder.


For this, it is necessary to prepare a specialmeans on a natural basis. We take shredded leaves of sage (3 parts), an equalizer (2 parts), as well as birch (1 part). One tablespoon of this collection is filled with a glass of boiling water and we insist 15 minutes. After that, filter. Such a tool will perfectly help to relieve sore throat and now you will know exactly how to treat cough during pregnancy effectively and safely.

Inhalations from decoction of herbs

How to treat a cough during pregnancy? Especially if it is dry, it is recommended to breathe a decoction of lime, sage, plantain and chamomile. Such herbs are anti-inflammatory and are able to soothe bronchial mucosa. After several such procedures, you can make a decoction of ledum, alternate, cranberries, which have an expectorant effect.

The use of vitamins

In both small and small quantities, vitaminspimples for the body of a pregnant woman. Therefore, it is not recommended to take any of them yourself. For this it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is recommended to drink freshly squeezed juices, eat fruit.

The best way to cure a cough during pregnancy is to consume natural vitamins in combination with procedures that will not harm the future baby and the woman herself.

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