How to tie a rug?

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How to tie a rug?

Handmade carpets give the house a special home comfort and perfectly complement the interior. Previously, knitted carpets could be found in almost every apartment, but over time, store carpets forced them out. Now the fashion for handicrafts is back. From our article you will learn how to tie a rug.

Rug of thread

Even beginning master can make a carpet of threads. For the manufacture of this carpet, you must prepare:

  • cotton yarn (another name for “spaghetti”);
  • a crochet hook that will fit the yarn (the hook number is indicated on the yarn);
  • scissors;
  • needle (need a needle with a wide end).

Knitting carpet

  1. Round mat begin to knit from the middle. To do this, cut a small piece of yarn and fold it in half and tie the ring. On the ring we knit three air loops, and then we tie the ring with 11 loops with double nakida. We fix the ring.
  2. Next, we knit in a circle a chain of three air loops and on top of them - a chain of double-crochet loops.Close the row again, tying the last loop to the first.
  3. matAfter that we start to add loops. If in the first two rows there were three air loops, then in the next it is necessary to add one by one. We knit a chain of four air loops, and on top of it - double-crochet loops.

This way you can crochet a round mat of the desired size. When 17-18 rows are knitted, close the last loop with a needle: sew the end of the thread into the last row. If you need a large size rug, you can add several rows.

It should be noted that such rugs can be knitted with multi-colored threads, having picked up colors in advance. You can also vyvyazyvat on them flowers or patterns from a pre-prepared scheme for knitting.

Rug of rags

A carpet of old knitted rags will be very soft and pleasant to the touch. In order to make this carpet, you need to prepare the "thread" of old knitwear. Knit such a carpet in the same way as the thread.

Preparation of material for knitting

From the prepared knitwear it is necessary to cut strips of 1.5-2 cm wide. It should be noted that the thinner the fabric, the wider the strip should be.It is necessary to make strips so that there are as few breaks as possible: you can cut diagonally or in a circle. All the strips must be sewn together or knotted, and then rolled up into a ball, paying attention to the alternation of colors, since fabrics can be of different colors.

You also need to prepare a crochet hook, the size of which should fluctuateRug of ragsfrom 8 to 15 mm.

Carpet making

  1. Carpets of rags knit with a loop with a single crochet, as the knitting rags are thick and other loops may fail.
  2. We collect the required number of loops in width and proceed to knitting. The length of the product can be any.
  3. After the carpet is ready, you need to fix the end.

It should be noted that this carpet can be of different sizes and configurations.

Packet Rug

Instead of fabric patches, you can use striped cellophane bags. Fit rug on the same technology as rag. Due to the variety of bright colors and waterproof material such a product will turn out colorful and practical. We recommend you to tie such a rug for the bathroom.

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