How to tie a rope?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to tie a rope?

Climbers and tourists in their arsenal always have ropes that help them to climb. But in order for the rope to have a high reliability index, it is necessary to learn how to tie knots with it. There are a large number of nodes that are used in different situations. In this article we will explain how to tie a rope to a support (a tree, a log).

Types of simple knots

The simplest knot for tying a rope to a support is a single bayonet. To do this, wind the support once with a rope, the end of which is passed into the resulting loop. Then tighten the end. Under load, the main rope will tighten the knot, which will not be untied. Here it is important that the load is constant.

Similarly, fit double, triple, quadruple bayonet. The more turns, the stronger the knot. For example, single and double bayonet are prohibited for use by climbers in Austria: it is believed that these two nodes are not very reliable, they can allegedly be untied. But such a ban applies only in this country.If there is a need to increase reliability, you can use a triple or quadruple bayonet.

It is best to tighten the control node at the end. How to make a knot? Just the end of the rope is tied with the usual triple knot around the main rope. This is one hundred percent guarantee that the main site will not be untied.

But the bayonet is very easily untied if released from the load. Therefore, it is often used by climbers, if the route is laid through the crossing. If there is a need to increase the strength of the knot so that it can withstand heavy loads, then the support is wrapped with a rope several times and then tightened.

There is another simple node that can be classified as "traditional" - this is the usual noose. To tie it, you need to fold the rope in the form of two loops and wrap them several times with the free end of the rope, and then push this end into the top loop and fix it by pulling the bottom loop.

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