How to tie a headscarf is easy!

The practical function of shawls is to protect hair from the sun, dust, wind and cold. They will be indispensable in traveling, working in the country or just on cool days. One more indisputable advantage of shawls - compactness. They can be put even in a small bag and get it if necessary.

Shawl as an accessory

How to tie a scarf on his head

Today scarves perform an aesthetic function. Now it is a fashionable, up-to-date accessory that allows a woman to look brighter, more attractive. How beautiful to tie a headscarf, interests many women. All sorts of forms, textures, materials help to create original and unique images. Light satin, silk, chiffon shawls would be most appropriate on warm summer evenings, and thick woolen or polyester ones - in winter.

How to tie a scarf on his head?

Ways to tie a scarf on her head are huge sets, and every woman can choose the right variant for her to wear such an accessory as a scarf.First you need to master the simple ways of folding it. The classic and simple way to perform is triangular. To fold a scarf with a triangle, you need to spread it on a hard, smooth surface, connecting two opposite corners.

The second method is diagonal. Apply it when you need to get a great length of a not very wide scarf. Folded handkerchief resembles a long ribbon. Then you need to bend inward to the center of the opposite corners. Fold to the desired width.

And one more way to fold the scarf is rectangular. It looks like a diagonal method, the only difference is that you need to bend inwards the entire side of the scarf.

Classic way to wear a scarf

Beautifully tie a scarf on his head

This is one of the most common examples. Having learned it, many women no longer ask questions how to tie a scarf on their heads. This way of tying will give the wearer a sophistication and grace.

First you need to fold the scarf in a triangle, then throw it over your head so that the fringe is visible. Cross the ends of the scarf under the chin, throw them back and tie them in a knot.

Peasant way

The classic option that will suit a woman of any age. Put a handkerchief folded in a triangle over the hair so that the fold line is on the forehead, just above the eyebrow line. Then the ends are tied at the back of the head with a neat single knot. If one node does not seem enough, you can make the second. Put the ends on one another and gently align them.

Pirate way

The main difference between this method and the previous one is at what level the node is made from the nape and how the ends are located. Often one is longer than the second. Great for the beach, combined with large earrings and sunglasses.

Knowing how to tie a headscarf in a pirate way, you can be sure that you will surely stand out from the crowd and attract attention to yourself! A shawl tied in this way can be an alternative to a complex hairstyle at celebrations.

fashionable to tie a scarf on his headGypsy way

A knitted shawl in this way can be seen in fortune-tellers in the cinema. Fashionable to tie a scarf on the head can not only actresses in the movies, but any woman who wants to diversify her wardrobe and bring new fresh notes of charm, playfulness or grace to her image.Similar to, on the one hand, the pirate method, it differs from it in that the knot is tied in the middle part of the head and, as a rule, on the side. The nape remains open, the ends of the shawl are wrapped around the knot. Or they can be hidden inside. The gypsy method is a little more complicated in execution than the pirate one. During the day, the knot may move out of its original place, especially if the scarf is silk or satin.

Turban or turban

This headpiece of Oriental origin captured the minds of designers 40-50 years ago. In the East, a long, narrow piece of cloth is used for a turban. And how to tie a scarf on his head in the form of a turban? It is not at all difficult!

fashionable to tie a scarf on his headTie shawl can be different. You can wrap its ends around your head. You can even leave a bow in front. A handkerchief folded in a triangle should be positioned so that its edge is located at the top of the forehead. Then you need to cross the ends of the crosswise and you can tie a knot or hide the ends of the scarf. Also, the ends can be lifted so that the scarf surrounds the temporal part of the head. Tie bow - turban ready!

All sorts of ways to tie a scarf on the head, depending on the season, the degree of formality of the event, provide a flight of fancy for the lover of accessories.

Twisted turban

This is a headdress and a full hairstyle. Effectively to tie a scarf on the head in such a way owners of smart long hair can. To do this, split the hair into two equal parts. The center of the shawl will be between them. Then you need to wrap a scarf both parts of the hair. The resulting harnesses are lifted to the forehead and mated several times on the back of the head, once again raised to the forehead. We tie the ends on the back of the head in a knot, if necessary, correct the resulting construction.


Ways to tie a scarf on his headFirst you need to fold the handkerchief diagonally so that it becomes shaped like a ribbon. Wrap around your head and tie at the back of your head. The ends of the scarf can be on top of the hair, then get the image of a hippie.

Warm bandage

Even the icy winter, some women do not want to wear hats, so as not to spoil the hair. They wonder how to tie a scarf on your head in the winter, so as not to get sick, and keep your hair. It is convenient to wear a scarf in the form of a warm dressing in frosty winter. Then the hairstyle will not get off and the head will not freeze. We fold the scarf into a triangle, several times loosen the largest angle, which is located on the opposite side of the base.The resulting bandage is worn on the head so that the ends are on the top of the head. They should be carefully tightened with a double knot and hidden under the bandage.

As you can see, it is easy to tie a headscarf beautifully. Be original!

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