How to tie a feeder?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
October 28, 2014
How to tie a feeder?

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How to tie a feeder?

Experienced anglers call trough a special spiral-shaped tackle, which they fill with bait-dressing. Thus, the fish feeds from this gear, coming closer and closer to the hook, which greatly facilitates fishing. How to tie a feeder to get a good catch?

Binding trough

The feeder can be tied directly to the fishing line itself. Many do. However, fishermen with experience advise to attach it to the line through the carbine. That is, using a special fastener - so you can change tackles much faster, unfastening old ones and fastening new ones with a special fastening. Having tied a feeding trough to the fishing line itself, if necessary, you will have to cut the line, and then unravel the knots. It is long and difficult.

A set of knots is used to tie the feeder through the carbine. Consider the two most popular and sturdy.

Node 1

The line goes through the eye of the carabiner, then with its free end from the bottom up, they begin to wrap the main line. After 7-10 turns, the free end is threaded into a loop formed at the carbine eyelet. Then the node is moistened and slowly tightened. The free end is cut off.

Node 2

It is called Offshore Swivel-Knot. We pass through the eyelet of the carbine loop, raise the loop up to the ends of the fishing line, and the carbine should hang down. Now wrap the carbine around itself. The line is twisted from the inside. After 5-7 turns, we moisten the knot and slowly tighten it.

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