How to tie a doll?

A knitted doll is not only a beautiful toy that is perfect for playing with small children, but also a great gift for any doll collector. To create such beauty, you only need to buy colored threads, knitting needles and a crochet hook, a synthetic winterizer for stuffing, some free time and a great desire to create a toy masterpiece, since there is absolutely nothing difficult about how to tie a doll.

Knitting a doll: option one

First, decide which doll you want to knit. If there are no ideas in your head, you can view a lot of the most diverse models on the Internet. You can also find knitting patterns that will allow you to link an exact copy of the presented model. For example, let's consider this simple example.

  • Getting started, make sure that your workplace is well lit, and you do not strain your eyesight. You also need to sit back, so as not to get tired back muscles.
  • So go to work. First, the left leg is knitted, which smoothly passes into the slipper. Then, in the same way, the right leg is knitted.Remember about changing the thread to separate the slipper with color. Next torso and head fit. This will be one detail. We begin to connect the legs and continue the torso.
  • The only difficulty is that you need to knit on four needles. It is possible to use another thread for the connection to tie the panties. After the torso is connected, you need to shape the shoulders of the doll.
  • After that, the finished part of the doll can be stuffed with padding polyester. Next, knit the head and fill it too. It remains to do the pens and form the palms. When the base of the doll will be ready, you will need to attach hair that is woven from the same thread. Do not forget to embroider eyebrows and sponges, sew eyes and nose. After that, you need to tie the doll skirt, which will give a highlight to your "girl".

We knit a doll: option two

There is another option,.

  • All that is required to create this doll is the remnants of yarn, which can be found in every needlewoman. When performing this model, the torso of the doll first fits. Then shoulders are formed. Do not forget to change colors.
  • Then the head is knitted and its completion is the crown, to which the hair will be attached.After that, go to the vyvyvyvaniya legs. After completing these parts, fasten them to the body.
  • The next stage is knitting hands and sewing them. After the base for the doll is ready, proceed to its design and completion of work. Embroider eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth on face.
  • To give animation to the doll, eyes can be sewn. It will look very nice if the doll will have cilia.
  • Hair also plays an important role in making a cute girl. To create hair, you can weave a chain of air loops. You can show imagination and make the doll hair. For example, two tails or two pigtails.
  • After that, the doll must be dressed. The dress is knitted of threads of a different color, always with armholes for hands and a neckline neckline. The dress is sewn on the doll. To complete the image on the shoes you can sew bows.

And some more tips

After reviewing several models of dolls, you will understand that there is nothing difficult in how to knit a doll. The most important thing is to follow the pattern and carefully count the loops, since the doll has paired parts (arms, legs). At the slightest mistake they will be asymmetrical, which will not give the doll a good appearance.It is advisable to use knitting threads of the same quality when knitting, because if they are different, then the loops will be different, which will also be evident. When knitting, it is important to use a tighter knit so that the filler does not peek through the loops.

Now knitted dolls are very popular, therefore in knitting magazines and websites dedicated to needlework, very often craftswomen offer their own versions of various knitted dolls. In fact, it is not so difficult to make knitted dolls. Schemes you can easily find on Internet resources. They are very diverse and taking into account the variety of models presented, among them you can even find fabulous or cartoon characters.

Interested in knitting dolls and devoting part of your free time to this kind of needlework, you can create your own collection of dolls that can be used as a gift for relatives and friends, friends and colleagues, because this gift keeps a piece of the soul of the person .

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