How to teach a kitten to scratching. How to make a clawboard with your own hands

For many cat lovers, an important fact in favor of giving up the opportunity to have a pet is its claws. More precisely - damage to property, especially if the renovated rooms have just been completed in cozy rooms. Those who didn’t stop it when they first took this warm fluffy ball into their hands for a long time think how to teach a kitten to a claw. After all, everyone understands that the animal does not want to spoil the new sofa, carpet or wallpaper. This is the need to remove parts of the claws that gradually exfoliate.

How to choose cat claws

how to teach a kitten to claw

If the question of how to make a clapperboard with your own hands is not relevant to you, you need to carefully prepare yourself before going to the pet store. In this business it is not enough to rely on your preferences or interior design. The main thing - the preferences of a pet, regardless of his age.

Watch the cat. If she grinds her claws, becoming at the same time on her hind legs, you should pay attention to the sharpeners in the form of columns, installed vertically. If there is enough space in the room where the installation of the scraper is planned, you can choose complexes from shelves, wall panels and rollers that are fixed to the walls.

In the case when the pet sharpens its claws in the prone position, as if slacking, you need to acquire floor mats, panels or hillocks. For those who can not imagine life without wallpaper in the corners, corner models are created.

An important question is the safety of the animal. In a quality product, the upholstery always fits snugly to the base, there are no protruding pieces of upholstery and rope. All mounts must be secure and invisible from the outside. If the product has a strong smell, it may scare the kitten.

A large role is played by the material that is directly in contact with the legs. Usually used in the manufacture of cable winding or carpet. Many manufacturers impregnate them with special solutions that attract the attention of the cat. But you can do it yourself, after teaching a kitten to a claw strap without tweaks will fail.

Where to place

reviews kogtetochka

If you chose the corner claw, the problem with the placement here is quite easily solved. The main thing is to choose a corner that suffers most from claws. When such a site is difficult to determine, place the sharpener closer to the pet's favorite resting place. Most often, the cat is stretched when it wakes up in order to stretch its muscles after sleep. Usually this procedure is combined with a manicure.

How to teach to claw, if the animal uses for this purpose a sofa or chairs? First of all, it is recommended to place it next to upholstered furniture, but so that the cat does not perceive them as a whole.

In addition, in large apartments or houses it is worth buying a few scraps to fully protect the living space. Regardless of the model, you always need to securely fasten them. If a kitten is frightened by the noise from a falling construction, he will never approach her again. And bulky, unfixed complexes and houses can seriously injure a pet.

How to teach sharpen claws

Currently, you can read about this procedure is quite contradictory reviews.A claw head really often becomes a useless acquisition if, in the process of training, the owner is impatient and acts inconsistently.

If the baby grows up with a decent mom, he will always adopt her habits, and the problem will be solved by itself at the age of 1-1.5 months (usually at this time the fluffies are still at the breeder). Of course, it is much easier to raise a small kitten even without an adult cat than an animal with a well-established lifestyle. Still, nothing is impossible.

cat scratchingAs soon as you notice that the pet is in need of sharpening the claws, take it to the claw. In this case, in no case can not offend the pet or shout at him. This is perceived as a ban on the procedure in principle, then the kitten will begin to nibble at the claws, which often leads to inflammatory processes at their base.

Then you need to put the legs on the claw scratch cover and scratch the surface several times, pressing lightly on the pads (this is how the claws come out of the claw grooves). It is important to act carefully and not to hurt the kitten. After sure to praise him.Stroke the skin, scratch the neck, tummy or behind the ears, treat with tasty food. If your pet loves to play, encourage it to be an active joint pastime.

Do the same with an adult cat. The attention of the playful person will attract a toy with feathers or a favorite mouse on a cord.


Such a model of a kogtetochka was created by American designers and is the simplest option if the main question for you is: “How can you teach a kitten to a kogtetochka without having time for it?” put a bag of dried to teach to scraperThis plant is completely safe for the health of the animal and especially attracts its attention with its aroma. The shelf is closed with a wooden lattice, which allows you to reliably keep the bait from the pet's encroachments.

Little tricks

how to make a claw stick with your own hands

One of the options for how to teach a kitten to the claw is to use smells. The best option - sprays with the smell of mint (menthol) or lemon catnip (can be purchased at the pet store or use the essential oil of mint, which is sold in a pharmacy).Apply and fresh leaves or dried grass of these plants. But this option is not suitable for those who do not wish to collect broken bunches on the floor. In addition, using the spray you can adjust the intensity of the flavoring. Too sharp can scare the animal, and the weak will quickly disappear and will not bring the desired result.

Many owners are advised to saturate the scalp with valerian extract. But this can not be done, because this plant dulls the mind of cats like narcotic substances, which is clearly not conducive to the consolidation of skills.

It is also impossible to add the smell of another cat to a scratcher (especially if you are raising a cat). It is worth remembering about other ways in which animals are able to mark their territory. The damaged kogtedralka will never be used for its intended purpose.

How to wean from bad habits

Even having accustomed to a scraper, how to make it clear to an animal that for the same purpose you cannot use a sofa? After a steady instinct is developed, it should be made clear that it is impossible to sharpen claws about other objects. Catching a kitten in the act, take the withers, post it on him or speak in a strict tone (as you usually blame for offenses).

Another way is water. Just spray the pet with a spray gun.But this should be done every time the ban is violated. In addition, the punishment must occur immediately for misconduct, otherwise the kitten will not be able to build a causal relationship of these two events. And instead of the educational effect, you will get an insult and a desire to continue doing what the offender does not like.

Most cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits, therefore, using a flavored spray, you can protect carpets and furniture.

How to make your own hands kogtetochku

The easiest way is a piece of plywood covered with carpet, nailed to the floor or wall.

house kogtetochka do it yourselfFor a vertical scraper, you will need a cylindrical base (you can ask in the flooring shop, they fit from under the rolls of carpet), which must be tightly wrapped with string. Pick up a heavy piece of wood for the base, prepare a hole in the center and secure the cylinder. You can install several columns at once, providing them with hanging toys for cats.

How to make a house for a kitten

If space allows, please house a claw-pinch. It’s not difficult to do it yourself.Furniture corner to fasten two identical pieces of chipboard, covered with carpet. This is the roof on which the kitten will grind its claws. Plywood or the same chipboard is suitable for the back wall, but the bottom should be made of a heavy piece of wood. All parts need to be wrapped in fabric beforehand, and the bottom - and soft foam. The front wall is the same. For fasteners, it is better to use bolts to avoid injury to the animal.

Remember that sharpening claws is a vital need for a kitten. Try to approach the process of raising a pet with due patience, then he will truly appreciate your care and become a worthy companion.

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