How to stretch shoes at home?

We all love to dress beautifully and stylishly, but it often happens that beautiful and stylish clothes are not the most comfortable, and sometimes, it is frankly impossible to wear them. Speech in our article will focus on shoes and how to stretch shoes at home. So:

Stretch shoes

Immediately, we note that only those shoe models that are made of leather can be stretched, because this material tends to stretch. There are several methods to increase shoe size. How to stretch shoes at home?

  • The first way will help us increase leather shoes to a maximum of a full size. Take shoes that need stretching. Fill sealed bags with plain water, the composition of which is not critical. Place the sealed bag in the shoes so that the water in it is evenly distributed over the inner surface of the shoe. Put the shoes with the bags in the freezer. Wait until the water in the bags turns into ice.Remove the shoes from the freezer and leave it at room temperature for 20 minutes. After that, you can take out the ice, and you will see that the shoes have become loose. Products made of thick skin often need to be repeated this procedure up to several times.
  • Using castor oil is an easy and fast way to wear shoes. You need to coat your shoes with oil, wear socks, and wear out for an hour. These procedures must be carried out until the shoes increase to the required size. At night, you can use special creams to stretch the skin.
  • Boiling water can also be used to stretch your favorite, but not very suitable leather shoes. To do this, you need to splash boiling water on the shoes, wait a bit and put it on. Under the influence of high water temperature, the shoes take the form of your feet. Another way to use hot water is such an algorithm for action. Take a cloth into which you can completely wrap the product. Soak a cloth in hot water and wrap her shoes. Keep it in this condition until the cloth is dry. At night, you can lubricate shoes with castor or sunflower oil to secure the result.
  • It often happens that a new shoe has a bad habit of rubbing the back of the foot, namely the heel. To overcome the problem, it is advised to rub the back of the shoe with kerosene, or alcohol, or wax (candles). Then you can wear shoes as usual. After some time, the heel will no longer feel discomfort.
  • Also often there is a situation when the shoes are too narrow and presses the front of the foot. To increase the volume of shoes in this part, you can lubricate its inner surface with a solution of vinegar, and the outer one with a special cream for stretching the skin.
  • When stretching products made of leather and varnished, you should use only special mixtures for stretching shoes. Use the instructions and wear shoes covered with a special cream for one hour per day.
  • Surely in your city there are shoe shops that will help stretch your shoes. On the basis of such enterprises special pads are used, designed to expand leather products. It is unlikely that it will be very expensive.
  • Treatment with alcohol - this is perhaps the most famous method among the people. To implement the method, try to moisten the shoes from the inside with alcohol, cologne or alcohol solution. Wear cotton socks and wear shoes until alcohol is completely dry.Do not forget to process the top of the product in a similar way. Walk around in your shoes for an hour or two.

We hope that the advice offered to our dear readers will help you carry your favorite shoes. Remember that it is better to use special tools for stretching shoes to avoid damage to things.

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