How to stretch jeans?

Everyone knows this property of jeans - to stretch. Therefore, some people buy slightly narrower jeans (so that they will not hang at all), and some believe that this denim property will help them to get into their favorite jeans (which, however, are already pressing a little). And it's not for nothing that they think so, because you can really stretch your jeans. However, remember that everything has its limit, measure and norm. Just remember that jeans - it's still not rubber. You should not torment the already stretched jeans with the belief that you still fit. Better then buy new ones.

Stretch jeans: ways

Consider how to stretch jeans in the belt, hips, buttocks.

If this is a new jeans, will have to make an effort. Wear warm thick tights. This is not only an additional criterion for stretching, but also some protection of your skin from excessive friction. Next, stretch the jeans to the limit. It is possible to lie down for convenience when the jeans are already on the hips, this will make it easier to fasten in the abdomen, as in the supine position, the stomach "falls off" a little. Zip up your jeans and stand up neatly.It is not necessary to crawl on your knees, otherwise delay them, and this is probably not what you need. Just walk around the house, sit on a chair and get up, bend down (sideways, forward), take long steps. In general, follow all the steps that will stretch the fabric. Walk as long as you can.

If the above method did not help, go ahead. Wet jeans in warm water and squeeze. Wear wet jeans and do the same as described above. Slopes, walking, wide steps, etc. The main thing - you must be in jeans for at least 20 minutes. After that you can dry your jeans in a natural way or with an iron. If you iron, you can additionally stretch the fabric (you may need an assistant). Smoothen stretched wet jeans.

Since it is sometimes necessary to stretch jeans only in one place, for example, in a belt, you can only wet this part and do the same.

Some even recommend using a special foam designed for stretching shoes for stretching jeans. Apply foam to the seams and then everything goes according to plan. Put on your jeans, top with more foam (tight) and walk. Tip: put on tights, at least thin, there is already to protect the skin, you never know how it will react to the foam.

Another option, rather even the addition to the above methods.Of course, in the sauna they will look askance at you, so it is better to get along with your own bathroom. Turn on the hot shower so that the entire bathroom is steamed. Sit there in jeans. This method is more likely an addition, since you should not sit in the “steam room” for a long time in jeans, this is hardly useful for the body. As a way out, you can stuff jeans (very tight!) With rags, pillows (if you do not mind) and put them in such a “steam room”. In this embodiment, you can and longer, the main thing - do not overdo it.

Radical way. Rip jeans on the side seams, yourself or turn in the studio. Let them be simply tailored to the desired size.

Remember that stretch jeans in length by these methods is unlikely to work. This is due to the characteristics of the fiber. The transverse fibers tend to stretch well, whereas the main thread extending along the length of the jeans is almost indestructible.

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