How to straighten hair?

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How to straighten hair?

Owners of straight hair constantly experimenting with hairstyles, creating curly curls on the head. While girls with curly hair are struggling with curls, trying to bring curls in a perfectly smooth state. And if the first is sufficiently armed with a curling iron, then the second is much more difficult. From our article you will learn how to straighten hair.

Long-term straightening methods

In order not to torture your hair with everyday styling, you can use salon procedures.

Chemical hair straightening

This procedure is intended for normal and greasy hair with sufficient thickness. For dry and colored hair, the procedure is contraindicated. A chemical composition consisting of ammonium hydroxide is applied to the curls. Then the strands are processed by professional ironing. Smooth hair lasts up to 4 months. To maintain the effect of straight hair, visit the salon every 6 months.

Hair straightening

Such straightening is gentle for the hair: it does not damage the hair structure, moreover, this procedure uses a special composition, the substances of which penetrate into the damaged areas of the hair and fill them. The result of straightening is stored up to 4 months.

Keratin hair straightening

This procedure will not only provide hair shine and smoothness, but also give them strength. Keratin and proteins in combination with amino acids and silicone penetrate the hair. The advantage of this straightening is that the hair looks natural in contrast to the hair after chemical treatment. It can be produced on dyed, laminated hair, as well as on hair that has undergone chemical procedures. The effect lasts up to 3 months.

Hair straightening without ironing

Frequent use of the ironing or curling leads to a cross section of the ends of the hair, dryness and brittleness. Therefore, the procedure can be replaced by alternative methods of rectification.

Hair straightening

An effective way to straighten hair at home is a hair dryer. To straighten hair with a hair dryer, it is necessary to apply a cosmetic hair styling product (foam, mousse, wax, etc.) to wet hair.p.) for the entire length and dry with a hair dryer.

When drying hair with cold air, you can do without cosmetics. It is enough to dry the hair with individual strands, combing along the entire length.

Straightening with a round brush

The diameter of such a brush depends on the length of the hair: the longer the hair, the thicker the brush.

Apply a styling cosmetic to wet hair and comb along the entire length. Separate the hair by spinning and with the help of brushing begin to pull, drying hair dryer. For efficiency, each dried strand can be fastened with varnish.

Hair straightening folk remedies

Using the popular recipes hair straightening, you just do not harm them, but even, on the contrary, give them strength and beauty.

  • Use of natural oils (olive, burdock, castor, almond). Apply a slightly heated oil to wet hair as a mask, wrap in a plastic bag, put a towel on your head. Wash off in an hour with shampoo. The components of the oils will make the hair heavier and smoother. The procedure is only suitable for dry hair type;
  • Apple vinegar can be used as a hair mask.Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with half a tablespoon of apple juice, add a quarter tablespoon of vodka and half a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Dilute the mixture with a small amount of water. Rinse the hair with the product and wash your hair with shampoo. This procedure is suitable for oily hair;
  • Colorless henna. Strengthens the roots and thickens the hair, due to which the effect of straightening. In addition, henna helps to get rid of dandruff and heals split ends of hair. Dilute henna with water to obtain a slurry, apply to hair and rinse after an hour. Then apply a balm on the hair, comb them and rinse with water again. This is due to the fact that henna is not easy to wash off the first time;
  • Sweet tea. Make strong tea by adding a teaspoon of sugar. Apply the cooled drink to damp hair and comb it. The straightening effect can last up to several days.

Hair straightening iron

The way of straightening with the help of a hair dryer and a comb is suitable for owners of slightly curly hair. For girls whose hair is curled strongly, the same way to straighten hair on their own is the use of a special ironing.

Currently, specialty stores offer various options for irons for every taste and wallet. They may differ in coating, heating rate, temperature, shape of the coating, etc.

Decide on the choice of a ironing help our article - What a hair straightener is better.

Hair straightening technology iris you will learn from the article - How to straighten hair ironing.

Hair Straightening Tips

  • So that the hair does not lose its attractiveness and appearance - straighten hair no more than 1-2 times a week;
  • Do not straighten your hair after a perm;
  • With regular hair straightening, use regenerating masks and balms to preserve the beauty and health of the hair;
  • When straightening hair by chemical methods - dry them in a natural way;
  • Before straightening hair ironing - be sure to put on them heat protection sprays.

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