How to stop hiccup? Some useful tips and tricks

Hiccuping person looks quite funny, especially when there is a serious conversation, but at this time funny and involuntary sounds start to emanate from the interlocutor. Familiar feeling? Of course! After all, at this moment you want to fall under the ground or disappear on the spot. But, unfortunately, this turns out to be impossible. Therefore, you should urgently look for a way out, and the sooner the better. In our article we will help you figure out how to stop hiccups. But before this we briefly consider what this unconscious process of our organism is.

how to stop hiccup


This process is a type of nervous tic. And this happens due to irritation of the phrenic nerve and manifests itself in the form of uncontrolled spasms.

Hiccups can appear for several reasons:

- hypothermia;

- improper swallowing;

- after a heavy meal;

- alcohol intoxication;

- fear, stress.

In rare cases:

- swelling of the esophagus;

- renal failure.

How to get rid of hiccups?

In the definition and causes of hiccups, we figured out, and now we proceed to consider the actions of how to quickly stop hiccups.

  1. Hold your breath for a few seconds, drawing more air into your mouth. Do this a few times.
  2. Have a drink of water. Take small, but frequent pharynx. In this case, only non-carbonated water will to stop hiccup after alcohol
  3. Try to influence the hiccups with the help of reflex points, while pressing on the area between the middle and index finger, thumb and index finger.
  4. Relax, take a comfortable position, close your eyes and think about something pleasant.
  5. Take 5-6 sharp breaths and exhalations. Perform this exercise while sitting, so as not to cause to stop hiccups with breathing exercises
  6. Another effective way to stop hiccuping is holding your breath and closing your fingers. To do this, relax and hold your breath for a few seconds, closing your little fingers and thumbs.
  7. Put your hands behind your back and pull them up a little. Ask another person to bring you a glass of water.Bend at an angle of 90 ͦ, hold your breath and start drinking in small sips, slowly straightening. After accepting the starting position, the hiccups must pass. This is a fairly effective way as to how to stop hiccupping quickly.
  8. Close your nose with your little fingers and your ears with your index fingers.
  9. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Begin to massage the middle of the little finger. This process should take a few seconds. Lower the arm and exhale. Repeat the above done several times until the hiccup disappears.
  10. Press down on the area of ​​the nose between its hard part and the beginning of the cartilage. This should stop the hiccups due to the fact that this point easily affects the gallbladder, thereby stimulating the secretion of gastric juice.
  11. If the house has peanut butter, eat 1 teaspoon. This should stop the hiccups.

How to stop hiccups after drinking alcohol?

"Drunk hiccups", as a rule, occurs due to alcohol poisoning of the body. Therefore, to get rid of it should be cleansed of toxins, causing vomiting. This will not allow alcohol to be absorbed into the blood. After vomiting, get out into the fresh air and do breathing exercises, taking a couple of deep breaths and exhalations. Next, you can eat a slice of lemon without sugar.Usually after that the hiccups should leave you.

how to quickly stop hiccup

Expert advice

Below you can familiarize yourself with several ways to help answer the question “how to stop hiccupping after alcohol”.

  1. Take a slice of stale bread and start to chew it slowly, then swallow it. Water to drink is not necessary.
  2. Sprinkle some sugar on the tongue, then scatter it.
  3. Some doctors argue that exercise in this case does not interfere, just do not overdo it.
  4. Take the usual package and breathe air into it, immediately after that take a breath out of it. This method will quickly get rid of annoying hiccups.
  5. Take advantage of the ice. To do this, hold it in your mouth until complete dissolution.

Remember, alcohol is a rather dangerous product, after taking which various negative reactions can occur, the first of which is hiccups, and this is at best. Therefore, know the measure.

What if a child has hiccups?

how to stop hiccup babyThis is usually the physiological state of the baby, but if the hiccups occur constantly, it is better to consult a doctor to rule out such diagnoses as:

- spinal cord and brain injury;

- problems with the digestive tract;

- pneumonia.

If, after examining the doctor, you are convinced that the above listed diseases do not concern you, then familiarize yourself with several ways of getting rid of hiccups in a baby.

How to help a child get rid of hiccups?

  1. You will try to give the baby a bottle of warm water or attach it to your chest.
  2. If the cause of hiccups in a child is hypothermia, immediately warm it by wrapping it in a warm blanket or hugging it.
  3. Try to distract the baby, show him a beautiful toy, talk to him or sing a song, this is a very good distraction moment.
  4. If the child hiccups after feeding, take him upright in the arms and walk around the room so that he is free from excess air.what to do to stop hiccups
  5. Check the hole in the nipple. If it is large, it should be replaced, because it provokes a rapid flow of fluid, the baby simply does not have time to swallow.
  6. Another way to stop hiccupping a child is not to overfeed. It is advisable to feed the baby often, but in small portions.
  7. Try not to acquaint a very young child with strangers, because children at this age are too shy, and from fright, as a rule, babies get hiccups.
  8. Try not to turn on loud music and bright lights.
  9. If all of the above methods did not help, prepare the baby chamomile infusion and drip a few drops under his tongue.

What to do to stop hiccups? The main thing in this case - do not panic. Calm down and relax, because the excitement does not improve the situation, but only harm. Remember, if none of the above methods have helped you, and the hiccups continue for quite a long time, as well as accompanied by chest pain, you should consult a doctor to rule out diseases of the digestive tract and other serious complications.

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