How to stop blushing?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
August 8, 2012
How to stop blushing?

No matter how strange it may seem, many people, especially at a young age, suffer from the fact that a little excitement or an experience causes their cheeks to turn bright red. Every time they leave the house, they worry that they will turn red again from the most insignificant reason and unwittingly think about how to stop blushing.

Such a sudden reddening of the face is associated with the peculiarities of the nervous regulation of small blood vessels. Excitement leads to a rapid expansion of their lumen and a significant inflow of blood to the face. Redness of the face is often accompanied by sudden increased sweating, especially of the skin of the palms.

Psychologists believe that flushing the face during anxiety is one of the signs of fear of communicating with other people or social phobia. With age, gradually, sudden bouts of facial flushing appear less and less, and the intensity of the vascular reaction decreases. But this absolutely does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of this redness earlier.

To stop blushing, you should stop being embarrassed and this can be learned if you wish. When a slight blush appears on your cheeks (you usually feel a slight tingling in the face area at this moment) caused by an awkward question or situation, do not dwell on your redness, because in this case it will intensify even more. For example, if you were told something offensive or vulgar, then say that your blush always appears when talking with boors.

To stop blushing, you have to realize that the problem lies not in your blush, which most likely suits you very much, but in the reaction of people around you to your redness and in your perception of these reactions. You worry that you may be laughed at because of this, that a sudden blush will betray your indecision or timidity, show that you are not what you want to appear. Change your attitude to the sudden blush and then you will stop considering it as your flaw. And the people around you will admire you, consider you sweet and touching!

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