How to steam a broom?

Who has not heard about the Russian bath? Even foreigners have heard about the healing properties of this procedure. As it was said before, every disease comes out of a person exactly after he had a steam bath. At the same time, in order to improve the effect, it is necessary to steal with a broom. What kind of broom is this? They can be birch, oak, linden, eucalyptus, alder, coniferous, fir and others. Most often used oak or birch brooms. Of course, they all have different healing properties.

Rules how to steam with a broom in the bath

There are certain rules for using a broom in the bath. For example, a broom is not soared for the first time, because the body is not ready yet. They always start with the second call. In this case, a broom should not be wet or very dry. After the procedure is over, a broom can not be left in the steam room, because it will wither.

Precautionary measures

In order to avoid any burns of the respiratory tract or skin, you need to know how to properly steam with a broom. It is forbidden to bathe in the bath, and especially to use a broom, people with high blood pressure or those with heart problems, because the temperature in the steam room is very high.Alcohol is also prohibited. Fluid consumption is better to reduce. When entering the steam room, be sure to remove all the jewelery, including the small earrings, since there will be burns on the body. If you do not want to burn the hair follicles, then you should wear a special hat on your head. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use a broom. You can not immediately beat on the back, you need to start with the lower extremities and gradually climb up. For lovers of winter to jump into the snow, after they are steamed with a broom, be sure to steam up your feet so as not to get sick. If it is too hot in the steam room, in no case do not pour water there, since it will be impossible to breathe there by evaporation. On the stones in the steam room, you can drop a drop of essential oil. Medicinal oils, such as eucalyptus and juniper, are best suited. But it is not necessary to use oils. Steaming with a broom is best for two people.

The process of how to sweat a broom

About how to soar with a broom, you already know. First, they bang the whole body with a broom, after it warms up, you can gleam, only the blow should not be very strong.And do not forget about the correct sequence, from the bottom up. After the procedure is over, you should not immediately rush into a cold shower, you need to spend some time in the steam room so that the body temperature drops a bit and only after that you can take a shower. But the water should be cool, not ice. It is best to start rinsing with warm water, and gradually lower the temperature. The main thing is to avoid sudden drops, otherwise it will not be beneficial. If you are in the bath for the first time, then you should not make long visits to the steam room, because the body's response to such changes may be different. Best of all, when everything happens gradually.

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