How to start building a house?

Before you start building your own"Nest", you need to purchase a site. The main priority, with which to start building a house - is to correctly determine its intended use. For example, if you build a house on a site for planting crops, then you will be taken away for misuse. Next, upon completion of the procedure, you must obtain the rights to the land plot.

The second stage, where to start building a house,is the formation of project documentation, both on the house and on the site. All these documents need to be coordinated with the relevant authorities. The project documentation will include a project, a project for connecting utilities, as well as facade and interior solutions for the house. To date, the project and coordination is better to entrust to professionals. But be prepared for the fact that they will necessarily ask you a number of questions, which you will have to answer in advance: "How will your house be, how many floors will there be in it?" "What is the purpose of the house?" Or what style will your home have? " and so on. A lot of firms offer a huge number of ready-made house designs or offer designer services, as well as carrying out all the approval procedures. A typical house design is good because it is already ready, but it will not be able to meet all your requirements, because it does not have your personality. To create a separate project, you will need a little more time, and the individual project will be an additional line in the estimate for the construction of the house. Of course, this affects the price, but in the end, the customer gets the house tailored to individual needs.

So, the first stage, where to begin constructionhome directly? Of course, with the purchase of materials and structures. Then, usually, the foundation is laid, the external and internal walls are erected, the roof is installed, and all the finishing works are completed. These are only the main stages of building a capital house. Further, the commissioning, the receipt of all relevant documents, and only after that the customer already becomes the legal owner of the building.
In order to build a house of your dreams and howyou can properly plan for the costs, you will certainly need a budget for the construction of the house. What is the estimate? This is a document that describes all the costs of building a particular facility. In particular, this is a house planned for construction. What is the advantage? You can clearly control on the cost of their costs for materials and work. And also there the duration of each work is laid, on the basis of which it is possible to calculate the work schedule and, due to the specialist in network planning, to shorten the construction period to a minimum.
Before answering the question "where to startconstruction of a house? "It is necessary to take into account that for a positive process professionals will need services - engineers, architects, estimates, and other engineering and technical personnel.

In our country there are programs foryoung families who want to start their lives in a brand new house, and one of them is a subsidy for building a house. The right to help the state has physical persons who are building at a certain state territory. The subsidy can be issued both for self-construction and for persons who attract contractors. Subsidy is given to a married couple, but is registered only for one. The couple should not have recently improved their housing conditions with the help of the state budget. There are no restrictions on age and other factors, etc.

The size of the subsidy is equal to the estimated cost, but notmore than 200 thousand rubles. The amount defined as a subsidy is not paid in cash, but is paid only to the firm by the contractor, or as compensation for the costs of construction materials with all the documents attached. To receive the subsidy, you should apply to the administration of the municipal district where construction will take place. Administrations will form lists of applicants who will be transferred to the Department of Construction and Housing.

Despite. that this procedure can turn out to be rather cumbersome and troublesome, it is of direct economic importance to engage in obtaining a subsidy, as this will save considerable money on the costs of housing construction.

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