How to split a file?

Many users faced the problem of transferring a large file using media to another computer. Sometimes it happens that the file is very large and does not fit on a USB flash drive. How to divide the file into parts and transfer to another computer or laptop, will be discussed below.

How can I split a file

First we need a program to split the file into parts. One of the simplest programs is WinRAR, with which you can easily split a file into archives.

Installing WinRAR

You can download the program WinRAR for free, for example, with After installation we will get the full functionality of the program for working with archives and files. After the installation is completed, the “WinRAR” item will appear in the context menu with a drop-down menu. This is what we need.

With this simple program, we will be able to split the file into many small-sized archives, which will then simply be transferred in parts to another computer.

Splitting a file into archives

So, the program WinRAR is installed, and you can begin the process of splitting the file into parts. It looks like this:

  1. Open the context menu of the desired file and select WinRAR - add to the archive. If after installing the archiver you do not have a context menu, then you can run the program through its shortcut. To do this, find WinRAR on the computer. Most often, the program is located at C: \ Program Files \ WinRAR. Run the file with the extension .exe and in the new window of the program that opens, click "File" - "Open archive". Then we find the folder with our file, select it and click the “Add” button.
  2. After these simple steps, the backup program window will open. In it, we are only interested in one item: “Divide into volumes by size (in bytes)”, which is located at the bottom left of the window. All other parameters do not need to be changed if they are set by default.
  3. In the field enter the size of the archives of the divided file. But before that you will need to calculate how many megabytes in bytes. This can be done both by simple calculations in the mind and on a calculator, and with the help of the Internet.
  4. After we have decided on the size of the archive, we begin the conversion process. The timer will show how long to wait until the process is complete.

In the event that the file is not divided evenly by the size of the archives, an additional archive will be created with the remainder. For example, you will have 4 archives of 2GB each and one with a size of 546MB.

How to collect archives again in the file

We take ready-made archives and transfer one by one to another computer. After that, you need to reassemble the file together. For this, a new computer must also have WinRAR installed.

Call the context menu from the first file and click "Extract to ...". Or, if there is no context menu, open the program, find our file there and click “Extract to ...” again. After that, the file will be extracted to the same folder as the archives. We will create a folder with the name of our file, and in it we will see the file collected together.

It remains only to check the performance of the collected file. We launch it, if possible, and see how it works. If everything suits, then the archives can be deleted from the computer.

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