How to sign a wedding card? A few tips

In addition to the gift, almost everya man gives a greeting card. After all, often even the most expensive present is not saved for a long time, but the postcard can remind of such an important celebration throughout the life of this family.

how to sign a wedding card

About the cards

Thinking about how to sign a card onwedding, it is worthwhile to think about the card itself. It can be completely different: collective or from one person, bright or in pastel colors, bought or homemade. It is also worthwhile to ponder beforehand what will most like the newlyweds. If they are creative people, then, perhaps, they will like the postcard of hand-made maid, if the wedding is in a certain style, it is better to choose a card on the wedding theme.

About the text

If a person needs to sign a postcard "Cwedding day ", you need to think carefully about the text itself. It can also be different - both decommissioned from somewhere, and independently composed. Maybe in verse or prose. And you can not write anything at all, but buy a postcard with a ready congratulation. Below it will only write the name or initials of the guest.

sign a card with a wedding day


If a person still wants to wish something fromyourself, you will need to work hard to make the right letter. So, in this case, the structure of the congratulation is important. It should be noted that any postcard, including a wedding card, consists of 4 main sections: circulation, motive, wishes and signatures.

Section 1

It is necessary to try, that it is beautiful and correctappeal to the perpetrators of the celebration - the newlyweds. It is from this that the wedding greeting card should begin. Suitable words such as loved ones ..., dear ..., dear ... Choose the treatment you need based on the relationship of the young couple and the guest. So, relatives and friends are treated differently than, say, to employees or managers.

Section 2

Understanding how to sign a card onwedding, it is worth remembering that in the second section it is necessary to disclose the reason for which the guests are called (the wedding). It's good to use such phrases as "We wholeheartedly congratulate you on your wedding day ...", "On this solemn day, I want to congratulate you on your wedding day," etc.

beautifully to sign a card for the wedding

Section 3

Understanding the various options for how to signgreeting card for the wedding, you need to remember that further congratulations should follow the young couple. Here you can already wish anything. Popular are the wishes of family happiness, peace, understanding, a warm family home, a large healthy family, etc. This section can be written both in verse and in prose - it all depends on the wishes of the congratulatory.

Section 4

Important is also the last, the fourth sectiongreeting card. It is very important to know how to sign a card for a wedding, that is, how to recommend yourself, because time will pass and young people can forget about who congratulated them on this leaflet. So, you can write your full name completely, leave a name, nickname or nickname, under which the guest is known. Also you need not forget to put a date. That's all, the text of the postcard is ready!


But one text is not enough to make the postcardsweetheart. You also need to think about how beautiful it is to sign a card for a wedding. It is desirable that the text was written in an unusual, but legible handwriting. Appeal to the perpetrators of the celebration, as well as an excuse, can be distinguished with other inks. However, you should not focus on the signature, highlighting it. After all, today all attention is focused not on the guest who gives a postcard.

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