How to ship the goods?

Before you send the goods to another city or country, the sender has to decide how best to do it. After all, it is very important that the delivery of the goods be made on time, the goods being transported are not damaged along the way, and the price for the services of the carrier company is adequate. The natural solution to this issue is to contact the transport company.

How to send a cargo transport company

Shipping is best to trust a large, well-known, well-proven transport company. After all, such companies carry out transportation using the latest technology that allows you to track cargo throughout the entire journey and report it to the client.

Shipping companies can send a variety of types of goods: from food, clothing and household appliances - to cars, yachts, construction and combustible materials. When sending explosive goods, it is necessary to prepare in advance special accompanying documentation that complies with the legislation. This is especially important in the case of shipment abroad, so that when passing through customs there are no problems.

A good transport company often recommends customers to insure the goods.And it is worth doing to pay damages in case of unforeseen situations.

The choice of delivery method largely depends on the characteristics of the cargo and how quickly it is required to deliver it. There are four shipping methods:

  • water transport (used for the delivery of bulky goods and goods that do not require urgent delivery. One of the most economical delivery methods);
  • by rail (used for the transport of heavy goods, liquid cargo in tanks, but only to those places where the railway tracks are carried);
  • by road (used for the delivery of goods of different types, its advantage is that thanks to the developed network of roads, cargo can be delivered to almost any point of the country);
  • by air transport (upon request of urgent delivery of cargo);

Let us dwell in more detail on the peculiarities of shipment by air, or rather, by aircraft.

How to send a cargo by plane

Sending cargo by plane will require the following actions from the sender:

  1. Contact the transport company and clarify whether the cargo that you plan to ship is accepted for transportation (there are a number of goods prohibited for air transportation).
  2. Agree on delivery times.
  3. Inform the company's employees of the weight of the goods being shipped, the size of its packaging. It is required to calculate the cost of transportation.
  4. Make a request for transportation with the name of the cargo, the number of packages, size, weight and contact information of the consignee and the sender.
  5. Clarify whether the company is practicing cargo delivery to the recipient's address.
  6. Securely pack the goods, put on it the label with the data of the consignee.
  7. Prepare all accompanying documents: invoice, cash vouchers, invoices, copies of certificates (if the cargo is subject to certification).
  8. Find out from the company the airway bill number, flight number, exact time and date of departure.

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