How to sheathe house siding? To sheathe a house with a siding with a heater: instruction

Every year new, improved materials appear on the construction market. Sometimes a person who is not dedicated to all the details, it is difficult to properly make the desired to sheathe house siding

In our article we will tell you about siding: what it is, where it is used, what are its pros and cons, how to sheathe houses with siding, how to choose the right material for facing a country house or cottage.

From the history of the material

Siding is a high-strength non-flammable finishing material intended for cladding of buildings, performing protective and aesthetic functions.

Vinyl siding began to be produced in the USA and Canada in the fifties of the last century. Vinyl panels proved to be more durable than wood, and very simple to install. Somewhat later, the first new samples appeared - cement and metal panels.

The best type of facades

Today, houses covered with metal siding or its vinyl analogue are very popular. In a miraculous way, this material turns even very old and dilapidated buildings into nice modern houses. However, one should not think that a deep crack in the wall will disappear by itself if it is covered with siding. It is more expedient to put the structure in order before the beginning of the lining. In this case, siding will last you decades.sheathe house siding do it yourself

How to sheathe house siding?

This question is relevant for many homeowners, especially if the owner plans to do the work with his own hands. I must say that such a thing is on the shoulder even to a person who does not have such experience.

Any construction work begins with advance preparation. In order to understand how to properly sheathe a house with siding, you need to remember a certain sequence of actions. The first thing is to choose a material. Siding manufacturers offer consumers many of its varieties. The vinyl version is especially popular. It differs not only the big term of operation, but also simplicity at installation,which allows the trim to not even a professional.

Material calculation

Measure the entire surface you plan to sheathe, and carefully calculate its area. Do not discard the area of ​​windows and doors in your calculations. This will create a certain amount of material that you as a novice master can come in handy in unforeseen situations.

We buy material and accessories

When making a purchase, pay special attention to the uniformity of the siding and the thickness of the panel. This ensures the perfect appearance of the building. Anyone who knows how to sheathe a house with a siding with their own hands will tell you that you cannot do without component parts in this matter. These include starting and finishing profiles, external and internal corners, a profile connecting the two panels. You can not do without F-and J-profiles, which are used to trim the eaves.sheathe house siding Price

Necessary tool

It is possible to sheat the house with a siding if you have the following tool:

  • tape measure or meter;
  • jigsaw;
  • gon;
  • a hammer;
  • power saw;
  • perforator;
  • punch;
  • knife or scissors on the tin.

When choosing fasteners, use only anti-corrosion parts: aluminum or galvanized nails, brackets and bolts.

Preparing the walls

Starting this work, ensure maximum open space for yourself: remove drainpipes, platbands, shutters, wind boards, external window sills and other details that will interfere. Now with the help of slats, plumb and level make sure that the walls are perfectly smooth. The detected curvatures (if you are not going to put the battens) must be leveled.

Weatherization of walls

Immediately answer the question of how to sheathe a house with siding with insulation. According to experts, it is possible to do without crates only when finishing new houses made of wood or sheathed with chipboard, fiberboard or plywood. In all other cases, the siding is mounted only on the crate of a standard wooden bar or slats with a cross section of 50x80 mm, which are nailed to the walls. When installing panels between the slats, the distance should not be more than 40 cm. The frame is mounted around doors and windows, at the corners of the house.

If desired, the resulting space between the wall and the panel can be filled with 50 mm foam, glass wool or other insulation. Pre-wall must be tightened with vapor barrier material.So you get additional to sheathe a house with vinyl siding

Panel mounting

To sheathe house siding is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Taking into account possible thermal expansion of the material, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • fasteners must not be pushed all the way down - there should be a gap of 1.5 mm between the nail and the panel;
  • the thermal gap between all fittings and the edge of the panel cannot be less than 5 mm; if the skin is made in winter, the thermal gap increases to 10 mm;
  • nails drive in at a distance of no more than 40 cm.

Regardless of which type of siding you choose, installation work always begins with determining the starting point. It should be the lowest point facing. In order to get a perfectly flat surface, use a level and coated tape. Cut the required siding length (about 10 mm should be taken from the required size - correction for material expansion), bend the panel a little, put its edges into the installation profiles. Check that the lower part is firmly fixed to the starting (first) profile, and nail its upper part to the crate.

For the treatment of windows and doors, use a J-profile or window bar, which is attached around the perimeter of the opening.metal siding houses

Foundation Finish

How to sheathe houses with siding to make buildings look harmonious? How to process the foundation so that it emphasizes the beauty of the house? For its facing use a special socle siding. Usually, experts recommend purchasing such material from German manufacturers. It well proved the increased wear resistance and the big term of operation. It is easy to install. Do not forget to set the profile-tide, so that the water does not flow to the foundation.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding

This type of building is not sheathed with metal siding. The most commonly used vinyl version. The presence of the batten is optional, but if the walls are uneven or were previously sheathed with another material, the construction of the framework must be leveled. Previously, the old trim should be removed. For a wooden house frame can be made of wooden planks or boards of medium width. They should be installed at a distance of 40 cm around the perimeter of the building.The lining of the wooden house can be performed vertically or horizontally.

Metal siding

We told how to sheathe a house with vinyl siding. Now let's see if there are any differences when working with a metal counterpart.sheathe the house with siding with insulation

The panel of such siding is made of cold-rolled steel with a polymer or galvanized coating. This is a more expensive type of material, but, despite this, it is very popular. This is due to its durability and resistance to external influences. In addition, it has excellent decorative properties. Metal siding has undeniable advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this material include:

  • durability (up to 50 years);
  • the probability of thermal expansion is negligible;
  • does not ignite;
  • does not rust;
  • maintains temperatures from -50 to +80 degrees;
  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • ecologically safe.

The disadvantages of the material, many consumers consider the high price. In addition, homeowners are often confident that houses sheathed with metal siding look like industrial buildings.

The technology of mounting metal siding is no different from working with a vinyl of houses covered with siding

Cement siding

This is one of the newest types of siding.In its manufacture, cement is mixed with cellulose fibers. The mass is affected by high temperature and as a result high-strength and reliable siding is obtained. This material is used for cladding cottages, private houses. It is made in the form of panels on which a texture pattern can be applied. The advantages include resistance to sunlight, wind. This fire-resistant and moisture-proof material is not afraid of temperature changes and rot. Cement siding is easily cut and drilled. There are no knots, cavities.

Installation is most often done on a wooden or metal frame or directly on the walls of timber, stone, brick, etc. Cement siding should be installed not less than 150 mm above ground level. Each subsequent row should not overlap the previous one by more than 30 mm. For fastening galvanized self-tapping screws or nails are used.

Cement siding and today is very popular, and soon he will certainly take one of the first places among the finishing to sheathe a wooden house with siding

Wood siding

This is the most expensive view from this group of materials. Its main advantage is environmental safety.It has high aesthetic, practical and ergonomic properties. The disadvantages of the material - high cost, high maintenance costs and short life.

Wood siding is available in the form of panels with a maximum width of 155 mm and a length of 5.5 meters. It is made by high-tech pressing of wood fibers. The binding component is additive additives. They ensure the strength of the material and its water resistance. The topmost layer consists of five layers of paint. Wood siding perfectly imitates valuable woods. The color range has 28 shades.

Finishing cost

Today, many companies offer their services in casing siding houses, cottages. The price of such work depends on the cost of services of this company, on the complexity of finishing, the cost of material, the size of the building. If the owner of the house wants to sheathe his house with siding himself, then he will have to pay only for the material. If he decided to entrust this work to the firm, then he, of course, is interested in how much it will cost.

So, you decided to sheathe the house with siding. The price of the master's work per square meter ranges from 400 to 600 rubles.The cost of vinyl siding is from 250 to 500 rubles per square meter. The price of metal siding starts from 300 rubles per square meter. Ground siding costs about 400 rubles per square meter.

The price of materials must also include the cost of all additional elements: the angle of the openings, fixings, elements of the to sheathe house siding

Photos of houses sheathed with siding, can be seen in specialized publications. Some photos are presented in our article.

Today we tried to tell you how to sheathe houses with siding, how to do it yourself. We hope that our information will be useful to you.

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