How to sheathe a balcony?

In this article we will tell you how to sheathe the balcony with your own hands using various materials. You will learn how to sheathe the balcony inside and how to sheathe the balcony outside. To do this, it is not necessary to have extensive experience in the construction and finishing works, but initial skills, for example, handling tools are desirable. But these skills, I think, have every little bit self-respecting man.

How to sheathe a balcony with siding

Siding is used most often for the lining of the supporting frame. He copes with several functions at once. First of all, siding is a non-combustible material, with the help of which excellent heat and sound insulation is carried out. Secondly, the siding is surprisingly durable and allows you to protect the room from the outside and inside for many years.

Of all the types of siding is probably the best vinyl. This material allows you to sheathe almost any wall and, moreover, it is non-toxic and provides the widest choice of colors. What is important: covering the balcony with vinyl siding can be carried out at any time of the year without complicated additional preparation, although some preparation may still be necessary.Installation of vinyl siding is carried out quickly, and the walls of the balcony will look very smooth and have a very attractive look, will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Now directly on the installation.

If the walls of the balcony are fairly smooth, you can start trimming immediately, if not, then you need to make additional crate. It is best to use a metal frame for the batten; however, a wooden profile is also suitable. Remember that the crate is a reliable frame for siding, and thanks to it, a perfectly smooth installation of siding is carried out.

After you have mounted the frame, we begin to fix the siding. In order to properly sheathe a balcony with siding, you need to cut panels with an electric jigsaw or scissors for metal. If you are working in the winter, use fine-tipped tools to avoid cracks. Install the siding as follows - attach the top edge with screws, and place the bottom edge into the starting strip. Then fasten the panels together. A small gap should be left between the panel joints and accessories - about 5 mm. This is done so that in case of heating or cooling, the siding does not lose its shape. Use self-tapping screws with wide caps - galvanized or aluminum.

How to sheathe a balcony clapboard

When clapping the balcony clapboard upper part of the balcony is usually glazed. However, we will not describe glazing works here, since it is best to entrust this to specialists. We proceed directly to the process of covering. Before the beginning of the lining of the balcony clapboard, just like in the case of siding, it is best to make an additional crate with a wooden or metal profile. Do not forget to leave a small gap between the crate and the walls of the balcony. This will provide adequate ventilation and keep the wood free from mold and deformation.

The very same technology cladding balcony clapboard is very simple. You need to use the grooves to connect the wooden boards for laying the panels with each other. This technology is extremely convenient and useful, since this method of fasteners allows you to avoid even small cracks in the paneling. After installation, do not forget to treat the material with an antiseptic in order to prevent pests in the material. In addition, this treatment has another useful function - after it you can carry out additional, "finishing" work, for example, staining.Between the crate and the clapboard, you can put insulation - then another small but very comfortable room will appear in your house.

How to sheathe a balcony with plastic

Note that the plastic paneling of the balcony is the simplest and most economical option for finishing. To begin with, measure the walls of the balcony and purchase material with a margin of approximately 10%. You can buy ready-made plates and slats, and you can pick up an order individually. An important detail: before you attach the plastic directly, think about the insulation and sound insulation, because our houses are located, as a rule, in very busy places. It is necessary to lay insulation panels between the wall and plastic, and this process is also not difficult. After fixing the sound insulation and insulation (usually this is done with the help of a construction stapler), we cut the material and assemble it. It is quite simple to install plastic panels - this can be done directly on the walls, on insulating material or on the sheathing (if you made it, what is recommended) with screws, studs, staples, glue or so-called "liquid nails".

How to sheathe a balcony outside

It is not difficult to understand how to sheathe the balcony from the inside, but the sheathing of the balcony outside often presents considerable difficulties. Many do not even know how to proceed. If your apartment is located on the upper floors, it is best to entrust the installation work to specialists, as additional safety equipment and appropriate qualifications will be required. Remember that not all materials are suitable for the outside of the balcony. For example, a tree can quickly lose its appearance in our climate due to constant precipitation, so siding is best suited. We have already talked about how to trim the balcony with various materials, but if you still have any questions, watch the video how to sheathe the balcony - now there are quite a few video tutorials on the Internet on various topics.

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