How to sew buttons correctly?

In this article, you will learn how to properly sew a button with two and four holes, as well as be able to familiarize yourself with the main points that you should pay attention to before starting work.

Choosing the right thread

The threads that you acquire for sewing buttons must be strong enough. It's easy to check, just try to break them with your hands. In the event that you fail to do this, it means that the thread is ideal for work.

how to sew on buttons

The main thing - do not overdo it with the choice of a suitable thickness, try to choose in such a way that it most closely matches the size of the holes on the button and the density of the fabric.

Color spectrum

The next important point concerns how to choose the right shade of the thread. Of course, if both the button and the fabric are of the same color, there will be no problems with the choice, however, if they are different, you should focus on the type of button. If it is flat, you should focus on the color of the button, not the fabric.This will help to visually hide the stitches made on the front part. In the event that you need to sew a button on the leg, the thread must be matched to the material, since it will be almost imperceptible.

The optimal thread length during operation

Even knowing how to sew on a button, one should not forget about the optimal length of the thread used for sewing - its length should not exceed 30 cm. it may not be enough for the right number of stitches.

Needle selection and initial fixation of the thread

After reviewing the main points on sewing a button, proceed to choosing a needle. The best option would be a medium-sized needle, but keep in mind that it does not work for working on very dense tissue.

how to sew a button

At the end of the thread must necessarily tie a knot. In this case, keep in mind that sewing in one thread is ideal for small buttons, but if they are large, it is better to work in two threads.

Final fixation

In order to secure the thread and thus ensure the reliability of the design, pass the needle several times through the fibers on the wrong side and, having formed a loop, tie a knot.

Button on the leg

This type is often used as decorative elements, because even one such button, depending on the type of product, can carry more substantial loads than the usual flat one. That is why it is so important to know how to sew buttons of this type. It is best to start work using double folded or very thick thread. However, it is necessary to take into account that in practice it is not always possible, because the holes in the legs of such buttons are often very small.

Having determined for yourself the main points of how to sew buttons with a leg, pierce the fabric along with the button, starting from the wrong side of the product. Repeat this operation at least 2-3 times, trying to get the needle into the same holes.

how to sew a button with 4 holes

You need to know how to sew buttons in such a way that they do not press close to the fabric. To do this, you will need to create a special gap, which is very convenient to make with the help of an ordinary match, which is placed under the button on the front of the fabric. After that, make up to 5 turns of the thread under the button and, piercing the fabric in the direction to the wrong side of the product, fasten it and cut it.

How to sew a button with 2 holes?

In order to correctly sew a button with two holes, you will need a thread of 40 size - it is not recommended to take thinner ones, since in the future the sewn button will look rather carelessly. Having threaded the needle, it is necessary to fasten both ends into one small knot. Then take a small piece of soap and, determining the place where the button should be located, make a cruciform basting on the front of the product.

After that, insert the needle slightly above the center of the cross you have marked, piercing the fabric from the front of the product, and remove the needle at approximately the same distance below the center of the cross. Now take the button of your choice to put it on the needle through both holes and try again to get into the hole you made before this on the fabric. Such actions must be repeated at least 3-4 times, trying to make the thread a whole. When working, keep in mind that you should not overly tighten the thread, because in this case it will be rather difficult to fasten the button in the future.

how to sew a button

At the end of the fastener, pierce the fabric, stretching the needle from the front of the product so that it passes under the button, without touching the holes.Using the thread, circle it around the buttons in such a way as to form a regular loop, and tighten it. Repeat the procedure several times, and then pierce the fabric with the needle several times through the same holes through which you initially sewed the button, and cut it. Thanks to such measures, you can be confident in the strength of sewing.

How to sew a button with 4 holes?

The button with 4 holes is one of the most commonly used on different clothes. In addition, thanks to a variety of ways of attaching to the fabric, it can act as a decorating element. There are three main ways to sew a button with 4 holes, while using any of them, you can be completely confident in the reliability of fasteners:

1. Crosswise - moving the needle from the left corner to the lower right, pierce through the fabric. Then repeat the procedure, starting from the upper right corner and leading the needle to the lower left - this will allow you to form a kind of cross. To ensure the reliability of fasteners steps are repeated.

2. Parallel stitches - needle punctures upper left corner, bring it through the upper right corner, from which move it to the lower left.If necessary, repeat the fasteners and fix the thread on the wrong side of the product.

sew a button on the coat

3. The letter "Z" - the thread must be drawn from the upper left corner to the upper right, then from there, on the wrong side, go to the lower left and return to the upper right.

We sew buttons on outerwear

In order to sew a button on the coat, be sure to keep in mind that the most important rule in the implementation of this work is to make it comfortable to both fasten and unzip. It is for this reason that it cannot be sewn too tightly or loosely, because it can quickly come off.

Getting started, put a match under the button. Try to stitches come close to her, and tightly tighten the thread.

Once the work is completed, carefully remove the match and use a needle to wrap the space between the fabric and the button several times in a row. The result should resemble a flower stalk. After that, gently thread the needle into the fabric and, taking out the inside of the product, cut the ends of the thread and tie them into a strong knot.


After reviewing how to sew buttons on lightweight and dense fabric,You can be sure of the reliability of the fasteners you carry out and, as a result, do not worry that it will come off at the most inappropriate moment.

how to sew a button with 2 holesKeep in mind that in the event that the load on the button is supposed to be large, you need to strengthen it with a small button, which is applied from the wrong side before sewing.

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