How to sew an evening dress?

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How to sew an evening dress?

All women are familiar with the problem - “again there is nothing to wear.” Especially, it becomes aggravated when an important event is approaching and you have nothing to do with it. In this article we will help women with tips on how to sew an evening dress with your own hands for a couple of hours. It will be individual, and many will admire your dress. And you will be happy and pleased that there will definitely not be the same dress at the event.

Dress - a necessary thing in the wardrobe

A long dress has always been an indispensable attribute of clothing at all times. It is impossible to imagine a lady at the ball, dressed in jeans, not a ball gown. In the modern world, women are capable of much, eager to create clothes for themselves with their own hands.

And there is nothing impossible in it. Here, the main thing is patience, perseverance, and if you are still hardworking and persevering, then you should definitely take a chance and sew an outfit for yourself. It's so nice to sew clothes for yourself, to your liking.

How to sew an evening dress

For sewing, we will need a rectangular cut of any material, it is desirable that it flow. The width of the material is standard, but the length should match your height. For example, take three meters of linen and create an original evening dress in the Greek style.

  • We expand the fabric and spread it on the floor, mark the middle with a centimeter and draw a line with a chalk. Where it passes and there will be a line of shoulders of our dress. Then with the same centimeter we find the middle of the already inscribed segment, and through this point we draw a line perpendicular to the first, 20 cm long.
  • We put the canvas on the shoulders over the head and determine the depth of our neckline. Some women choose the most daring option - neckline to the waist. We will have a neckline that reaches chest level. We note with chalk the value we need, remove the dress and increase the incision for the head with scissors. Then again put on the material itself.
  • We tie a ribbon made of the same material under the breast. Now begins the most crucial moment. We need to assemble our future dress in the assembly. Shift the fabric falling on the arms to the shoulders and begin to fold, fastening them on the tape with pins. Beautifully make alternately two breasts.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, take a thread with a needle and sew the fabric to the ribbon. You should not make too beautiful a seam, one more tape will pass from above. Behind the dress you can arrange in a similar way or choose another way, according to your desire. In order to quickly sew an evening dress with an original one, you need to include all your imagination and then your product will definitely be unique.
  • When the base of our dress is ready, we take the second ribbon, it can be of a different color and neatly sew it on the finished folds. Sew the side seams. That's all your evening dress ready.

Now you know how to sew an evening dress with your own hands. We hope that these tips will be useful to you, and you will create your masterpiece. In addition, the thing sewn independently worn with great pleasure, as opposed to purchased. And plus to everything, you can embroider your dress with the scope of all your imagination, it will help you to creatively realize and make the thing of your dreams.

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