How to settle in the FSB?

Those who are already working in the Federal Security Service, or at least once tried to get a job there, know that getting into the FSB is very, very difficult. In the process of recruitment to this state structure, you will have to go through a huge number of procedures that we will consider in this article.

You can start your career in the FSB in two ways: to study at the Academy of the FSB or to get a contract service.

How to settle in the FSB: study at the Academy

The building of the Moscow branch of the FSB Academy is located at: Michurinsky Avenue, 70. At the FSB Academy, training is carried out in three faculties:

  • Faculty of Foreign Languages;
  • Faculty of Investigation;
  • counterintelligence faculty.

The Academy also includes the Institute of Cryptography, Communications and Computer Science. As an entrance test, the results of the USE are taken, and you will also have to pass additional specialized examinations. Conditions for admission to the Academy of the FSB and the provisions for the social protection of applicants are set out.

It is worth noting that it is not easy to enter a higher education institution under the patronage of the Federal Security Service. Firstly, in this university a huge competition.For training, select the best applicants for intellectual indicators, as well as the strongest in terms of physical fitness. Having a sports discharge is a good advantage. You can familiarize yourself with the standards of the FSB in physical training. If you are a girl and want to get a job at the FSB, studying at the academy is the most realistic way to get into the service staff.

Work in the FSB under the contract

In order to have a chance to join the Federal Security Service, it is necessary that you do not have relatives abroad who have a criminal record, and you and your immediate family must be completely clean before the law.

The sequence of recruitment to serve in the ranks of the FSB under the contract is given in paragraph 20 of the list of information on the activities of the FSB of the Russian Federation, approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1075 of August 10, 2011

According to this document, to start considering the issue of entering the service in the FSB, the applicant must provide:

  • a written statement to the territorial FSB body, in which the following clause must be indicated: awareness of the limitation of the rights of a citizen of the Russian Federation after being enlisted in the service;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and international passport; identity card of the military man of the Russian Federation; military ID; certificates of registration of acts of civil status (birth, marriage / divorce, name change, establishment of paternity); state document on the level of education;
  • autobiography written personally by hand;
  • documents of close relatives: certificates of registration of acts of civil status (birth certificates, marriage annulment, name change, paternity, death);
  • information about income, property and its property obligations, as well as financial obligations of its spouse and minor children;
  • photos of the established sample.

Stages of consideration of the application

After all the above documents are provided, the candidate is issued a referral for a medical examination at the place of residence. If the conclusion of the medical board is positive, the candidate is sent for a medical examination to a departmental polyclinic.

If everything is good in terms of health, the applicant is sent to the psycho-physiological laboratory for psychological testing.Testing is carried out after a conversation with a psychologist on a separate day. The test is about 800 questions, among which are repeated in different interpretations. Response time is strictly limited.

If the test is successful, then a day is appointed to check the applicant for a lie detector. Next, the applicant takes a blood test for narcotic substances. In case the analysis is all right, the case of the candidate goes to the management for consideration. Consideration may take a very long time (up to a year). If during the consideration a positive decision was made, the candidate is invited to conclude a contract for military service in the ranks of the FSB with the rank of ensign.

If you have seriously thought about how to get settled in the FSB, then before submitting the documents it will not be superfluous to receive positive recommendations from any military officer - this will not bad increase your chances of employment.

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