How to set up the DVR: instructions and recommendations

At present it is difficult to imaginea person who would not use transportation services. It helps to make long-distance travels in a short time with convenience and comfort. Some people prefer to use public transport, others - personal. The latter, naturally, receive great advantages over the first, because a personal car always copes better with the tasks of transportation. However, such facilities are opposed by the increased requirements for accuracy of driving, because it often happens that the driver, feeling "master" of the road, is forgotten and gets into an accident. And in general, having discarded the above, we must emphasize the important fact of the automobile movement: it always carries a certain risk, which must be reduced by all possible means. Therefore, we are helped by DVRs. Today they will be discussed.

how to properly set up the DVR

Car DVRs: Concept and Purpose

DVRs are smallsize electronic devices capable of producing video and audio recording. Since we are talking about car DVRs, one should mention their main specificity, which is to fix the environment surrounding the car during its movement and parking. The main task of the car DVR is to save in the form of video and audio traffic events, which sometimes are of the nature of negative events. Recording helps solve many problematic issues in case of accidents. Due to their increasing number of people, they prefer to install car DVRs to feel protected before law enforcement agencies in various road accidents.

how to properly configure the car camcorder

Before buying people try to choose the mostsuitable and convenient for them model. The device should not only cope well with its tasks, but also be as clear as possible in operation. It's time to talk about how to properly and safely configure the DVR. But for the upcoming instructions to be clear, let's say a few words about their functional characteristics and characteristics.

Functional features of car DVRs

Like any other electronic device, the car DVR has a number of basic and additional functions that together determine its operation.

registrar trendvision mr 710gp how to properly configure

  1. Display. It helps to make settings, view footage, monitor the operation of the device during recording.
  2. Camera. Located behind the device, performs the main task - fixing in the video of road events.
  3. Battery. It is a source of power for all components of the DVR.
  4. G-sensor (accelerometer). This is a component that responds to sudden changes in the speed or position of the car and is allowed in these cases to include a special ("emergency") mode of the DVR. In this moderecordablevideo is protected from deletion.
  5. Date and time. Most of the devices overlay the video image in a dedicated location the date and time of recording. This is necessary when presenting evidence.
  6. Automatic on and off. Modern models are able to start their work independently when power is supplied from the vehicle's on-board network and to stop it when the power is turned off.

Main characteristics of the car DVR

  1. Video resolution. This parameter determines the quality of the video received. The higher the value, the better the result. To achieve maximum quality, you should select 1280 × 720 or 1920 × 1080 pixels.
  2. Frame rate (FPS). Shows the number of frames captured by the camera in one second. The value can vary from 15 to 60. Increasing this value increases the "smoothness" of the video.
  3. Scan. The DVR camera can use two methods of processing the recorded image: interlaced and progressive scan. The latter gives a higher quality.
  4. Viewing angle. Very important parameter, since. Determines the width of the area that falls into the frame when recording. A large angle will allow to fix a lot of additional information that occurs before the car.
  5. Stabilization. During the movement, the machine rides on irregularities that cause shaking and "distortion" of the image. This parameter is designed to solve this problem.

Configuring the Car DVR: General Information

Before setting up, you need to check the operationdevices with factory settings to make sure the display, camera, battery, G-sensor, video overlay on date and time, automatic on and off. If the DVR copes well with its work and the marriage was not found, then you can proceed with manual configuration. It should start with setting the video resolution: you need to set the maximum value so that you can see all the details. Then you need to pay attention to the frame frequency. Often drivers are content with small FPS, but if the DVR has more memory, then this value can be set above the average. The same goes for the development. Viewing angle and stabilization, as a rule, are set to the maximum values ​​by default, therefore these parameters should not be changed. Mounted devices on the windshield or the rear walls of the rear-view mirror with the help of special holders.

Now it's time to talk about the intricacies of setting the most popular models of DVRs.

Car Camcorder

This is one of the simplest devices thatvery well suited for those who are not particularly worried about design and multifunctionality. About how to properly configure the DVR Car Camcorder, here.

  1. Installing the battery. First, you need to press the bottom of the compartment and slide it to the full opening, then insert the battery.
  2. Enable / disable the DVR. Press the power button and hold it for a second to turn on the device. Do the same for shutdown.
  3. Set the date and time. To do this, go to the "Menu" and select the "Date / Time" section, then click "Ok" to start the setup and to complete it.
  4. Record, play and delete video. These parameters can also be controlled using the "Menu" section and the corresponding subsections.

how to set up a prestigio DVR


This solution is good for those who agreepurchase Car Camcorder. This device is also quite simple, without additional "bells and whistles", coping well with its main tasks. On how to properly configure the SHO ME, there's no point in talking, because his work is very similar to Car Camcorder.

how to set up the video recorder mystery mdr 892hd

Trendvision MR 710GP

Stylish design with a mirror surface, high power and versatility. All this is embodied in the video recorder Trendvision MR 710GP. How to properly configure this device:

  1. Inclusion. To turn on the device, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. The DVR will immediately start recording video.
  2. Manage the recording. To stop it, you must hold the Rec button for 3 seconds. If the display is off, the first press will turn it on. A one-time press on Rec turns off or turns on the microphone. Pressing Power protects the file being recorded, holding stops recording and turns off the device. The Mode button is for taking photos during recording.
  3. Control playback. This mode is activated by holding the Rec button for 3 seconds and then pressing Mode once. The Up and Down keys select the files, you can start playing them with the click of Rec.

 how to properly configure the DVR sho me

At installation it is necessary to glance once again in the instruction and to learn,how to properly adjust the mirror. The DVR has a special coating, which functions as a rear-view mirror.


This company produces DVRs inmany modifications. However, the principle of working with them is largely the same and similar to the previous types of these devices. How to set up the Prestigio DVR:

  1. Turn on / off. This parameter is controlled by the "Power" button, which must be held for 3 seconds.
  2. Video and photo recording. The "Record" key adjusts this setting. It assumes two modes: "Video" and "Photo". Pressing this key starts shooting and stops it, and also performs photography.

how to properly configure the DVR sho me

Mystery MDR 892HD

This DVR is aan intermediate variant between simple models of Car Camcorder, SHO ME and more advanced Trendvision MR 710GP and Prestigio. This device has a good functionality and impressive design, so the "golden mean" is designed for those who have not decided on the choice of the above devices. Here, too, we will not talk aboutHow to properly configure the Mystery MDR 892HD, since its operation is almost completelyidenticallyTrendvision MR 710GP and Prestigio.

how to properly adjust the mirror


Above were listed the basic rules of customizationcar DVRs, as well as features in setting the parameters of popular models. However, it should be remembered that each device has a complete set of instructions, which most fully reveals all the details of operation.

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