Apparently, the time of carelessness regarding the safety of their property has passed completely.
Remember, in our childhood, often the keys to the apartment left under the rug or in the lintel? And the entrance doors to the apartments themselves were “cardboard”, that is, they easily opened under pressure with a shoulder. Today, for the sake of safety, the newcomers, who did not even move into the apartment and did not place the furniture there, are trying to put the door more firmly. What to say about those who are already constantly living in a house or apartment and, as they say, have acquired property? In this case, people are thinking not only about strong doors or gates, but also about a better security system for their real estate.
What can be opposed to unkind people who want to enter your apartment? How to protect your house? Standard replacement of the door may not help: professional thieves who aim to rob an apartment, are able to open doors of any type if they are not disturbed by at least several tens of minutes. And this means that our main task is to deprive them of comfortable conditions for “work”.
Depriving the criminal of convenience when opening an apartment can be a variety of ways.One of them is the installation of a security alarm, at the signal of which a guard attire will arrive at the apartment. However, such a system will only allow to fight the crime committed, but not to prevent it. Therefore, for the effectiveness of the security system it is strongly recommended to use video surveillance systems that provide reliable monitoring of the situation around the dwelling.
What should I look for when choosing a surveillance system? You need to decide what you want to achieve with this system. For example, if you are only interested in a video peephole that allows you to see who is behind the door, then you can limit yourself to a simple video camera transmitting a signal to a monitor or other device. In the same cases, when you want to monitor everything that happens in the premises of your apartment, as well as next to it, you will need a serious surveillance system that includes at least a few cameras, a server for storing information and a system for outputting data from the cameras.
Prices for video surveillance depend on the characteristics of the data you would like to receive.Simple kits, which allow general monitoring of what is happening around the apartment, are inexpensive, but they will not allow you to keep records for a long time, and the quality of the picture will leave much to be desired. Security experts recommend not to skimp and install high-resolution cameras, and install sufficiently large disks for data storage in servers.
You can learn more about it in the online store. You can also purchase the system that best meets your needs.

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