How to scan photos?

Everyone in the home photo archive hasmany favorite photos. Over time, they fade, thus losing their quality. In order to save a photo, they can be scanned to a computer. By the way, such photos can be put on social networks or a little edited to send to print.

You can scan photos to a computer in several ways.

Method 1

In order to start scanning, it is necessary to prepare:

  • a computer;
  • scanner;
  • program for scanning photos (driver on the scanner);
  • Photo.


  1. First of all, you install a program for scanning photos.
  2. Then we put the photos in the scanner.
  3. Go to the menu "Start" - "My Computer".
  4. Right-click on the image of the scanner and select "Get pictures using the Scanner Wizard."
  5. In the window that opens, click the "Next" button.
  6. A tab appears with the image type selected:
    • color;
    • Black and white (shades of gray);
    • black and white drawing or text;
    • specific parameters.
  7. Here we choose the appropriate type of image. If you click the "Configure" button, you will be able to set additional settings, and then view the result by clicking the "Preview" button.
  8. After setting the required parameters, click "Next". You will see a window in which you must specify the image name, file format and specify the folder to save the file. And again select the "Next" button.
  9. Scan the photo.
  10. After stopping the scanner, you can crop and unfold the photo.
  11. You may be asked what you want to do with the file, we choose "Working with the file is complete."
  12. In the very last window, click "Finish" and open the scanned photo.

In this way, you can scan a picture and send it to your computer. They also scan old damaged photos.

Method 2

  1. Install the scanner.
  2. Go to the "Start" menu - "Devices and printers", right-click on the scanner icon and select "Start Scanning" in the menu that appears.
  3. A window will open in which you can select the required parameters:
    • profile;
    • filing;
    • color format;
    • file type;
    • resolution;
    • brightness;
    • contrast.

Then clicking "View", you evaluate the result.

  1. Click "Scan" and the process starts.
  2. Now you can change the name of the file and in the "Parameters" set the folder in which the file will be saved.
  3. At the end of the work you will be offered to open the file in the folder.

It should be noted that several photos can be scanned at a time, but after that they will need to be cut.

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