How to return the money listed?

With the development of cashless cash flow, the demand for the service of their transfer from one bank card to another has increased. As a rule, it can be used at any ATM, it is fast and convenient.

However, practice shows that it is not uncommon for money to arrive on the wrong bank card to which the sender intended to transfer them. This situation can occur for two reasons: due to an error of the bank or the sender. If this happens, then you need to find out how to get the money back.

Sender error

Suppose an error occurred due to the fault of the sender. This situation is quite real, because for the transfer of money you must specify the card number, and here it is very easy to get confused in numbers. What you need to do, and how to return the wrong money?

If you find that you have made this error, you must immediately contact the bank with the appropriate application for the return of erroneously transferred funds. Delay in this situation is unacceptable, because it is fraught with the complexity of the refund process.The bank will be able to return them to you only before crediting it to the beneficiary’s account, because after that they become his property and it will be impossible to write them off without the consent of the beneficiary. For a refund, you need to write a statement in a simple form, the beginning of which may be something like this: “I ask you to return the wrongly transferred money back to the account of my card”.

If the money is already credited to the account of a stranger to you, then it will be very difficult to return it. Only by the bank card number you can’t find out the name of its holder, his phone number or address, such information will not be provided to you by the bank, since this information is a banking secret. You will not be able to contact the recipient of funds with a request to return them.

A way out of this situation could be to appeal to the court. You do not have information about the defendant, but you know his bank card number, and if the court accepts the claim for consideration, he will be able to ask the bank for information about the recipient of the erroneously transferred money. It should be noted that it will be very difficult to provide evidence of unjust enrichment. Most likely, there is only one way out.After the court has identified the identity of the cardholder to whom your money was credited, simply ask him to return the money that was erroneously transferred and hope for the decency of the recipient.

Bank error

This error is associated with technical failures in the working system of the bank or with the wrong actions of a bank employee. Consider how to return the money mistakenly transferred in this situation.

To solve the problem, it is necessary, first of all, to take it as a rule to always keep receipts of money transfer up to transfer them to the beneficiary’s account, so you can prove the accuracy of the data you have entered about the beneficiary. Having established that the card number was entered correctly, it is necessary to apply to the bank and request that the problem be resolved. The bank, having checked its actions, checking with the receipt you submitted, will make the correct transfer of money.

The application should be submitted no later than sixty days from the date of the payment, otherwise the funds will be lost forever.

Mobile account

In case of accidental replenishment of another's mobile account, the algorithm of actions is almost the same, except for the fact that the money is almost instantly credited to the account of another subscriber.To return these funds, you must contact either the operator or the owner of the phone number.

If an agreement with another subscriber on the return of funds does not work, then the operator will certainly help in this matter. The main thing is that you have a receipt or a receipt for payment.

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