How to restore the liver after alcohol?

Is it possible to restore the liver after alcohol? This question is quite relevant, because statistics show: many of our fellow citizens suffered from a predilection for hot drinks at different times. Alcohol has an extremely negative effect on the body as a whole, but the liver suffers first. If you managed to avoid cirrhosis, there are no other serious diseases, after giving up a bad habit, you must go through a rehabilitation course and, as a rule, follow the liver-sparing diet.

how to restore the liver

When else will you need?

It will not be superfluous to go through a rehabilitation course even after long holidays, accompanied by an abundance of delicious food and strong drinks of different varieties and level of strength. Such a pastime is a serious blow to health problems, but liver-healing drugs, including traditional medicine, will come to the rescue.

If a person drinks alcoholic beverages often enough, you need to understand: the recovery process will be delayed for a long time. You need to be responsible and carefully follow the chosen therapeutic courses.To use the optimal suitable formulations, you must first be examined by a doctor. The doctor will tell you how to quickly restore the liver, which drugs to use, which popular recipes to prefer.

Alcohol does not hurt me

Living a righteous life is real talent and tremendous willpower. Most of our fellow citizens occasionally, on occasion, but still drink at least small portions of fire. What can I say, in our life there are a lot of temptations, temptations. Open with your friends a bottle of fine aged cognac or rare whiskey, real rum from a distant Cuba - who can refuse this opportunity? First comes intoxication, after which - toxicosis. The first couple of times the body cheerfully cope with the load, gradually the forces weaken, and you already need to dilute the usual diet with products that restore the liver. Otherwise, various diseases caused by the insufficiency of the functioning of this body are disturbed.

how to restore the liver

The liver is our main advocate, it is this organ that takes all the toxins, poisons, cleanses the blood. Normally, poisonous components must leave the human body, but if there are too many poisons, problems begin.Ethanol is a very strong toxic compound, so you need to know how to restore the liver after libations.

Poisoning are different

It is necessary to choose how to restore the liver on the basis of specific symptoms. In total there are two types of poisoning: acute and chronic. In the first case, this intoxication is the very thing that a person encounters, occasionally allowing himself abundant doses of alcohol. In addition to ethanol itself, the decomposition products in the body also have a negative effect on the human body. Depending on the characteristics of the particular case, the doses taken, the poisoning can be mild, serious and very severe. For each of the situations you need your own options, how to restore the liver.

Medicines are taken, taking into account the dosage of the beverages in the body, the ability of a particular person to regenerate the liver. This is influenced by age, general pathology. You can notice the poisoning of the first two degrees by drowsiness, agitation, bright eyes, speech problems. In severe form, a person begins to talk nonsense, utters unintelligible sounds, the brain's ability to function is inhibited,memory and attention are disabled.

What does the chronicle look like?

How to restore the liver in chronic alcoholism, can only tell a doctor. Prolonged abuse of strong drinks leads to a rather severe organ damage. If a person is often “applied to the neck”, the body suffers greatly. The first manifestations are a general feeling of weakness and a decrease in sexual activity. The skin turns yellow, sleep is disturbed, the shade of the sclera changes. Having noticed such signs, one can speak of chronic poisoning with ethanol and its decay products. In such a situation, liver damage is probably already significant. To restore the functioning of the body, it is necessary to completely stop the libations and visit the doctor to identify the specifics of the situation.

Treat is not cripple

Sellers in small kiosks, underground passages and other questionable points of sale can tell you about how to restore the liver at home - recently very often special items are sold in such places, which supposedly instantly return absolute health to the liver. If pharmaceutical preparations, if used correctly, at least do not harm, but may not bring benefits, then such products are made of unpredictable components.

liver repair products

Usually the attention of buyers is attracted by the bright packaging and wordy promises to permanently remove the hangover. Many are accustomed to purchase these products, but never even tried to penetrate into their composition. Will these drugs help restore the liver? You should not hope: the first signs of a hangover are stopped, but no more than that, and the substances themselves, contained in questionable bottles, cause even more harm to the body.

Yes, I do not drink at all!

It is customary to think that liver intoxication is a problem that only avid alcoholics face. This is just a stereotype, because the body suffers not only from alcoholic beverages, but also from fatty foods, drugs that we regularly use according to medical instructions and without them. To this, occasionally small doses of alcohol are added - say, the usual Friday farewell to the work week or the gatherings with friends for a beer. It seems to the average man frivolous pampering, but our liver has a completely different opinion about the situation. In order not to face organ diseases ahead of time, it is necessary to regularly cleanse the body and restore normal liver function.As a rule, it is enough to stick to a balanced diet and drink a course of special medications designed specifically to protect this organ.

Essential Phospholipids

Manufacturers of such products know exactly what to restore the liver - hepatoprotectors. These drugs are based on phospholipids. There have been many clinical trials designed to confirm the safety of such compounds and the effectiveness of their admission, and the results are positive. Essential - a group of phospholipids, effective precisely in the poisoning of the liver by alcohol production. Such preparations are made on the basis of phosphatidylcholine, purified by industrial methods and improved with fatty acids, made on the basis of soy beans.

Essential phospholipids are normally present in the human body, since it is they who form the membranes of hepatocytes that can destroy alcoholic molecules and eliminate the negative influence of other aggressive factors. Medicines from this group normalize the activity of the liver due to the restoration of cell membranes. Thanks to them, the body works stably, quickly regenerates.If you choose from their list, what to restore the liver, you can not be afraid of negative side effects, but the liver regenerates, the pathological processes that have already begun to develop in the body, slow down.

Popular drugs: "Eneriv"

This tool was developed by the famous German pharmaceutical company Berlin Hemi and is based on the essential phospholipids described above. The frequency of medication - three times a day, two capsules. The tool is recommended to use before the start of the meal. The duration of the course is better to choose in consultation with your doctor - it depends on the severity of the organ damage. After restoring the normal functioning of the liver, it is necessary to follow a light diet and avoid alcoholic foods, monitor the general condition of the body and regularly visit the doctor.

A complex approach

Understanding how to restore the liver in case of severe damage, you need to understand that only an integrated approach will be effective. It is very important to eat right. By the way, with fairly weak injuries, even giving up bad habits and switching to a lighter program of nutrition allows the body to fully regenerate. In case of a serious case, it is necessary to supplement therapy with medicines.Tablets quickly penetrate into the bloodstream, clean the system, have a general strengthening effect.

restore liver medications

Quite often, doctors recommend drinking a course of one of the drugs:

  • "Phosphoglyph".
  • Essentiale.

They contain vitamin B12, high concentration of folic acid. Such a set of components is the optimal combination of substances that normalize the activity of an organ. Choosing what to restore the liver, attention should be paid to the drug "Dylan", well-proven in recent times.

What else to try?

Manufacturers of many drugs can tell how to restore the liver after alcohol. For example, the Coopers Neo course specializes in this. This is a dietary supplement, rich in vitamins. As the manufacturer assures, the tool effectively cleanses the cells of the human body, improves the ability to resist toxicosis.

The positive effect can have the means in which there is milk thistle. They not only purify organic tissue, but are also rich in antioxidants. This is due to the presence in the composition of the components of silymarins that positively affect the activity of the liver.On sale drugs of this group are represented by the names:

  • "Carsil".
  • "Heptral".
  • "Legalon".

It is important

All manufacturers of hepatoprotectors, telling how to restore the liver after alcohol, focus on the effectiveness of the tools they have developed only with the complete rejection of harmful drinks. If ethanol continues to enter the body, no real benefit will be noticeable. Drugs help to rehabilitate after the victory over addiction and to normalize the activity of the body, to cleanse it of toxins. If the poison continues to flow, no liver advocates will help.

how to quickly restore the liver

Traditional medicine to help the liver

Healers know well how to restore the liver at home. A lot of books with recipes of popular wisdom have been published on this topic. Mostly used fees, decoctions, infusions containing:

  • thistle;
  • turmeric;
  • thyme;
  • burdock;
  • St. John's wort;
  • dog rose

Some of these plants are rich in vitamins, others fight inflammation, disinfect the body's tissues and restore the liver cells. Milk thistle is widely used in the form of oils, seeds.

Time to start a diet

Known products that restore the liver - rosehip, oat broth, beet juice. Brine has a good effect on the organ. Supports the functioning of the liver food rich in fiber, vitamin complexes. Strongly recommended dishes:

  • fatty;
  • fried
  • smoked;
  • sharp.

Proper nutrition can leave problems in the past. The difference in sensations can be seen only a couple of days after the start of the diet - the body is quickly recovering.

Time for vegetarianism

Of course, no one calls for a complete transition to such a diet, but fruits and vegetables are the best helpers of a person who wants to restore the normal functioning of the liver. Preference should be given to foods rich in sugars, since the compound is stored in the form of glycogen, a material consumed to maintain the activity of all tissues and cells of the body. The greatest benefit will be the inclusion in the menu of dried apricots, plums, as well as honey and seasonal fruits.

how to restore the liver after alcohol

Beets will also be beneficial. Many nutritionists agree that this product is indispensable for a person. It contains a lot of vitamins even after positive storage, there are beneficial sugars in high concentration.Regular consumption of adequate volumes of beets helps to normalize digestion and clean the digestive tract, get rid of fat reserves, toxic components. Under the influence of beet juice, cells regenerate, the liver is cleansed of toxic compounds.

How to make beet juice?

General rules:

  • fruits must be bright red;
  • you need to choose a root vegetable without a vein;
  • tastier vegetables oblong.

Juicing in the absence of suitable devices is very simple: the root vegetable is rubbed on a grater and squeezed using clean gauze.

It is recommended to drink this way: first glass in the morning before breakfast, three more - with intervals of 4 hours between portions.

Benefit to the liver: what else?

It is worth paying attention to the juices of various vegetables, berries, greens. The functioning of the liver is positively affected:

how to restore the liver at home

Do not neglect the products, which include antioxidants. Grapefruits, cabbage of different varieties, garlic, cucumbers are especially rich in them. These fruits have a positive effect on various body systems, including the liver.

And what not?

It is known: in the berries, the fruits of some plants are many acids that inhibit the functioning of the body. If the task is to restore the liver tissue, it is necessary to completely eliminate such products from the diet.The following are considered dangerous:

  • ramson;
  • spinach;
  • kiwi;
  • all berries with a pronounced sour taste;
  • cilantro.

I recognize it in the face

Often, by the appearance of the product one can understand how useful it is for the human liver. If the shade of a berry, fruit, vegetable is yellow, it means that there are a lot of retinoids in the composition, which help to eliminate excess fat and restore the activity of the organ affected by alcohol. These features are different apples, persimmon, carrots. The color indicates an increased concentration of vitamin A beneficial to humans.

Fasting diet: what to include?

Doctors recommend during the recovery period to give preference to cereals: rice, buckwheat. You can cook meals on millet. In the composition of such products there are complex carbohydrates, the concentration of protein structures is quite high. For the liver, oats are a natural component that removes toxic components from the tissues of the organ and removes them from the body.

Milk would be ...

During the period of regulating the work of the liver after heavy feasts and libations, fatty foods should be avoided if possible, but milk, ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt are allowed - although it is necessary to select options with a minimum level of fat. These products help to remove toxins from organic tissues and remove them from the body.

how to restore the liver at home

The only controversial item on the list is milk, which, apart from its benefits, is sometimes possible and harmful, since the fat contained here is free radicals. In order not to face negative consequences, you need to drink a drink moderately - within one glass per day. The benefits of this will be tangible: milk eliminates excess salt, toxins, helps to leave stagnant bile.

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