How to restart the browser. How to reload Yandex.Browser

Today we have to figure out how to restartbrowser. Updating the pages in programs for accessing the Internet is one of the simplest tasks that users can face. Implement the idea is not difficult. Each browser has its own ways of solving the problem. And about all of them will be told below. What should a user know about updating Internet pages and browsers?how to reload browser

Universal tricks

For example, it is necessary to understand that in any program for accessing the Internet there are universal ways of updating.

How do I restart my browser? The first advice is to close and open the corresponding application again. The button with the red X is responsible for closing. Usually it is located in the upper right corner of the application. Click with the cursor - and the browser is closed. Now you can reopen it. For example, by double clicking on the icon on the desktop or single on the task bar.

How to reload the browser differently? Each user can try pressing the "F5" key. After that, the open page (the active tab) will be updated. In addition, the combination of Ctrl + "F5" will help.

In the "Opera"

We studied universal methods for rebooting browsers. But, as already mentioned, every Internet browser has its own secret techniques. It's time to learn about them!

How do I restart the Opera browser? The following instruction will help to do this:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Go to the desired page.
  3. Click PKM on any site on the site.
  4. Select "Update" in the function menu.

That's all! Now the open tab will reboot quickly. And what if a person uses a different browser?how to reload yandex browser

Mozilla Firefox

Everything is fairly easy to solve. How do I reload the browser page? If you do not want to use universal methods (or provided that they do not work), you can go in other ways.

The next browser is Mozilla. It is considered more advanced in terms of reloading and updating pages. After all, the above manipulations for the implementation of ideas in life simply do not take place.

To update the Mozilla browser, you must:

  1. Go to the program.
  2. Open the desired website.
  3. In the right corner of the address bar, click on the button with a rounded arrow.

It is done! You can move on. After all, there are a lot of browsers. And everyone has their own secrets of rebooting!


Some users are still working with "Internet Explorer". This is not the browser's most beloved browser, but sometimes it's just necessary. Especially when installing Windows.

How do I restart the Explorer browser? To do this, you will have to act just like in the case of Mozilla. The thing is that near the address bar (at the end) there is a special button for updating in Explorer. This is a rounded arrow. Just one click LMB - and the task is completed.

Google Chrome

Recently, the popularity of "Google Chrome". This is a very convenient internet browser. It's a pleasure to work with to reload the browser page

Reloading the page in this application is reduced to pressing a special button. This is an arrow that performs a circular motion. It is located on the left side of the address bar.

Accordingly, to update the page, you must click on it. Almost as much as in Mozilla! Everything is extremely simple and understandable!


How to restart "Yandex. Browser? "First, you can find the button already known to us near the address bar.This control is in almost every browser.Secondly, some prefer to use universal methods to solve the task.

Thirdly, a slightly non-standard approach is proposed. Not everyone knows about it.

To reboot the "Yandex.Browser" you will need:

  1. Go to the aforementioned browser.
  2. In the address bar write browser: // restart.
  3. Click on "Enter" on the keyboard.

After the done actions the browser will restart. There will be a complete reboot. Very comfortably!

Hovering application

All the above methods work only when the Internet browser is working. But what if the browser "zaglyuchil" and hung?how to reboot the browser opera

Then you will have to perform a full restart. This is done like this:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  2. Select the line "Task Manager".
  3. Select the desired browser with the cursor.
  4. Click on the "Delete task" button.

Further, it remains to agree with the warning and wait a little. The browser closes in emergency mode. Now its next launch is allowed. This will be considered a reboot.

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