How to replace degreaser for gel-varnish?

To date, many girls usegel-varnish as a covering of nails. And often not to waste their money in salons, do a manicure at home. In this regard, non-professional ladies are not at all the same result as they expected to get. Most often, an unfortunate result occurs if the marigold is poorly prepared for coverage.

The main cause of unsatisfactory coverageand the fragility of the gel-varnish on the nails is that before applying the nails were not skimmed or it was done poorly. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. Degreaser for nails can be bought at a specialized store. You can also use improvised tools that you can find at home or buy in the nearest supermarket.

degreaser for gel varnish

What is this tool? Why is it used?

First of all, let's see what is in itselfdegreaser for gel-varnish and why it is actually needed. First of all, it is necessary to remove excess moisture from the surface of the nail. As it is clear from the name, the remedy "flushes" the fat that is excreted by the body.

Degreaser for gel-varnish. The composition of

In the composition of a good quality productcomponents such as distilled water, n-propanol (an intermediate chemical product, a solvent) and isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol is the basis of degreasing) must necessarily be included. Also in the composition may be present various flavors. This is to ensure that the liquid does not have a very corrosive and sharp smell of alcohol.

Preparation before coating. What not to do?

degreaser for nails

Here are some recommendations that will make it possible to successfully cover the marigold with gel-lacquer:

  • Do not use creams before application,oils and other care products containing a fat or moisturizing consistency. This will interfere with the color perfectly and without any gaps lie on the surface of the nails;
  • Do not apply degreaser for gel-varnish simplewadded disks or cotton wool, as on the nails remain micro villi. They, firstly, will interfere with the coating, and secondly, after applying the gel-varnish will begin to exfoliate and soon crack.

Choosing the right tool

Perhaps the most important thing in preparing the nails beforecoating - is to choose a suitable degreaser for nails. It should be remembered that not all products are suitable for gel-varnish. There are degreasers, suitable specifically for acrylic or gel build-up, biogel coating, varnish. There are also universal means that are suitable for degreasing nails before any coating. Producers who value their reputation tend to approach the production of their funds with special preferences for the consuming audience and therefore add vitamins to the cuticle for care of the cuticle. Undoubtedly, such a solution will not harm anything, but, on the contrary, will improve the condition and beauty of the nails.

The best remedy

The best option is to buyprofessional degreaser for gel-varnish. But before buying it is worth to carefully read its composition and instructions for use to make sure that this tool is suitable for achieving the desired goals.

Is it possible to replace the store tool with improvised methods?

For ladies who want to save on buyingexpensive product, there are several options for substitutes. So, what can replace the degreaser for gel-varnish? Let's take a closer look at the analogs.

A simple liquid for removing varnish

In desperate situations, you can use thismeans, but often it should not be used, because in such a liquid contains acetone, which is able to destroy the nail. In addition, in some formulations there is a small dose of oils. Then the remedy is no longer a degreaser. Therefore, carefully read before use.

than it is possible to replace degreaser for gel varnish

Water with soap

So, if you do not have the desire to go to the store andbuy degreaser for gel-varnish, then replace it in this case? When from the improvised means anything suitable is not available, it is possible to dissolve in water liquid soap and thoroughly rinse the hands in it. Then wipe hands with dry cloth or towel. It is important that the nails do not leave moisture, since after applying gel-varnish it can crack.

degreaser for gel lacquer composition

Alcohol - pharmacy analogue degreaser from the cosmetic store

Undoubtedly, the best and most effectivedegreaser from among non-professional means is ethyl alcohol. He removes from the surface of the nail as the fat that produces the skin, and the one that leaves a variety of cosmetics. In addition, alcohol removes various kinds of dirt from the nails. And this, as you know, has a positive effect on the successful application of the coating.

If the usual alcohol can not be found, it can bereplace alcohol solution of boric acid. Although the price of such a solution is low, but its effectiveness at altitude. Here it is worth noting that in no case do you need to wipe your nails with vodka. Why, you ask. Yes, because vodka is not alcohol. In it, as you can guess, there are oils. And this means that it will not benefit in degreasing, but only vice versa, will worsen the result.

degreaser for gel varnish than to replace

Citric acid or the fetus itself

Some girls as a degreaseruse lemon juice or citric acid. They refer to the fact that such a tool benefits the nails due to vitamins of citrus. Yes, lemon juice, of course, contains useful components, but it should be remembered that there is a share of fats in it. Also on the nail can get microparticles of this fruit, resulting in the application of gel-lacquer manicure can exfoliate.

Self-created or purchased degreaser for gel-lacquer: reviews of girls

As mentioned above, you can purchase the product in the store.

The most common brands of degreasers for nails are Domix and Severina, users of which are satisfied with these products.

People who used the aboveproducts, they say that despite the small volume of the bottle, it is enough for a very long time. The agent can also be used to clean brushes from gel-lacquer and to remove the upper sticky layer, which saves money. Severina users, among other things, talk about the availability of a convenient pump dispenser, which contributes to the economical consumption of the degreaser. The cost is worth more in this regard.

Those who do not like to waste money onmeans that can be completely replaced by improvers, alcohol-containing solutions or ordinary alcohol will do. Buy it all at any nearest pharmacy at a very attractive price. Consumers of such household degreasers are satisfied with the efficiency and cost of the goods. Also, alcohol also perfectly removes the sticky layer.

degreaser for gel lacquer reviews

A small conclusion

You know what degreaser is forgel-varnish. As you can see, such a tool can be easily and simply replaced with cheap analogs that can be found in every house or in the nearest shops.

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