How to repair nails?

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How to repair nails?

Before starting to restore the nails, you need to identify why the nail plate became weak, soft or brittle. The most common causes are rooted in weakened immunity, lack of vitamins or other beneficial elements that need to be replenished if you want your nails to be healthy and strong.

If everything is in order with health, but you have recently done a buildup or shellac, then, of course, after these procedures, the nails require careful care and need restoration. Today we will talk about how to properly restore nails after shellac and gel extension, and also tell you what to do with a broken nail.

How to restore nails at home

There are many effective ways to restore at home, which will return the old appearance of the nails after building or shellac.


So, the most popular and affordable tool for strengthening nails is a variety of baths, with the addition of salt, lemon juice, essential oils, etc.

  1. So, heat the water, pour it into a small container and put your fingers there. Water should be such that you feel comfortable. In the water, you can add sea salt and a little lemon juice. The effect you will notice after several procedures, as you know, salt and lemon juice help to strengthen the nail plate.
  2. After bath, rinse your hands, wipe dry and massage your nails, rubbing them with shea, coconut or olive oil.

Starch baths work well on nails.

  1. Take the broth from the potatoes and cool it to a temperature level that you can withstand.
  2. Immerse your fingers there and wait about 15 minutes. After that, massage your hands and nails with vegetable oils or a nourishing cream.

Professional nail restoration

There is also a wide variety of salon procedures to strengthen the nails, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nail plate.

  1. Paraffin bath. This method is very popular - the baths effectively restore weakened nails, and also make the skin of the hands smooth and elastic. Just one procedure is enough for you to notice the result.
  2. If the nail plate is damaged after extension, the master can suggest a procedure called “sealing the nails”. Its essence is simple: a cream, gel or wax is applied to the nails, and then polished with a special nail file to give shine and make them smoother. The final stage is rubbing nourishing oil into each nail. The duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes. After the end, a film forms on the nail, which will protect it for 3 weeks.
  3. For weak nails, which are strongly exfoliated, strengthening with biogel will be a good remedy. Plus the fact that it can be done both in the cabin and at home. Before applying biogel for several hours you should not do water procedures and use cream. Nails need to degrease and polish. After that, put biogel in an even layer and dry for two minutes under an ultraviolet lamp.

How to strengthen the nails from the inside

If you want to restore your nails as soon as possible, then you need to influence the process by all available means. Strengthening the nails from the inside is no less important than all the procedures we discussed in this article.

So drink vitamins A and E.Include in your diet foods that contain calcium, iodine, zinc, copper, phosphorus, fluorine, selenium. Try to keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on the table, as well as nuts and greens.

How to repair a broken nail

If you need to urgently restore a broken nail, then use the tips:

  1. Carefully sand the surface of the nail so that it does not cling to clothes.
  2. Take a bag of tea and cut a piece of it, which resembles a broken piece of nail.
  3. Apply it to the damaged nail, moisten with water and allow to dry.
  4. After that, cover first with a colorless varnish, and then with any color.

But it is worth noting that this is only a temporary solution that is suitable for emergency situations.

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