How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice

How to remove wax from clothes

In addition to pleasant impressions from a romantic evening, you can remember completely unnecessary stains from wax, which got on clothes. What to do, how to remove wax from clothes?

This question is asked by many lovers, and notonly. Because the stains from the wax remain on clothes and when celebrating the New Year, and when visiting the church, and even just when the electricity is cut off. Therefore, with confidence, we can say that each of us at least once in my life, but faced with such a problem as the removal of stains from wax.

But clothes are different. So, ways to get rid of wax spots should be different. What is suitable for natural fabrics, most likely, will be contraindicated in synthetic materials. And the fur and leather products soiled in wax require a special approach to purification.

Let's look at some traditional,proven in practice, ways with which you can easily bring your clothes to a pristine appearance, rather than rid yourself of frustration and unnecessary experiences.

How to remove wax from clothes

Remove the wax from the fabric

So, we have a festive attire and waxa stain on it. How to remove wax from clothes without damaging its appearance? To begin with, you need to decide what fabric your sewn out garment is sewn. If it's natural materials, such as cotton, linen or denim, then the most common and known method will suit you.

This procedure requires an iron, papernapkins and a piece of soft natural tissue. Removal of wax from clothes begins with preparatory procedures. They are as follows. A paper napkin without a pattern or toilet paper should be placed under the stain on the clothing and covered from above. Then a piece of pre-prepared natural fabric is superimposed on this resulting design. Now it remains only iron iron. Under the influence of high temperature, the wax on the clothes melts and is absorbed into the napkins. If at one time it was not possible to completely get rid of the stain, then the procedure is repeated. That's basically it. Now you know how to remove wax from clothes made from natural materials.

Remove wax from clothes

Removing wax from synthetics

But you will agree that quite often festiveClothing is made from synthetic fabrics, not all of which can be ironed. If the ability to iron a synthetic fabric still exists, the main thing is to observe the temperature regime recommended for this kind of material. By fulfilling this condition, you can use the above method to remove the wax. But if you can not iron in any way, then you need to resort to another option. Now let's talk about it in more detail.

Removal of wax with iron

What should I do if I can not use the iron?

You need hot water and soft stuff. That piece of clothing on which the wax spot is located is immersed in hot water. Then the wax is removed with a soft cloth. At one time it is unlikely to get rid of the stain, so the procedure will have to be repeated several times in a row. Of course, getting rid of wax, you probably will not be able to get rid of the trace left by him. And then a logical question arises: how to get the wax off your clothes completely? The answer is quite simple. In order to bring clothes in full order, you just need to wash it, using the means by which you usually bring out greasy stains.

Wax on fur and leather products. How to get rid of a stain?

Of course, the wax can also get on topclothes. And it is significantly different in its properties from conventional tissues, and this means that the above methods will not work. What to do in this case? How to remove wax from clothes intended for a cold season? For example, with a fur coat or a leather jacket? For these purposes, there is a way. With the help of it, you can quickly and easily remove your favorite clothes from spoiled wax spots.

Let's start with fur. In order to remove the wax from the fur coat, it is necessary to freeze it. So, for some time, the fur coat needs to be left in a cold place, for example, on the balcony. The wax will freeze. After that you can clean it without much difficulty, using only your fingers for this. Just peel it off the fibers of the fur from the base to the tips. Do this very carefully, trying not to damage the fur and pull out the hairs.

If the wax is on leather clothes, it isnot a problem at all. With such material as the skin, it is removed most easily. It also needs to be frozen, leaving clothes in the cold, then just bend the thing at the spot of the stain. The wax will break and fall away, leaving no trace.

How to remove wax from carpet?

To remove wax from the carpet, all of the above methods are suitable, but with small nuances.

So, for a start, you can just wait until the wax solidifies, then crush it with your fingers, and collect the fine particles with a vacuum cleaner.

If this is not enough, you cantake advantage of the ice. It must be applied to the wax spot and held for a couple of minutes. After this cooling, the wax is better cleaned. For cleaning, it is possible to use a knife as a tool.

How to remove wax from carpetIf and with the help of this method you did not succeedto achieve the desired result, it is possible to use the heating method. For these purposes, a hair dryer is best. Hot air melt the wax and remove it with paper napkins. But notice that this method is better not to use if the stain on the carpet is formed from a candle, in the composition of which there is a dye. As a result of heating, the paint may stain your carpet. And then getting rid of the stain will be much more difficult.

Try our tips in practice, because you now know how to remove wax from carpet and clothing.

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How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice How to remove wax from clothes. Useful tips, tested in practice