How to remove the seat?

Often, motorists have to deal with all sorts of problems to increase the useful volume for loading bulky luggage. Since it is impossible to stretch or expand the machine, it is necessary to get out of this situation differently. And, more precisely, to remove the extra elements of auto-interior - to remove the seats, both rear and front.

Types of seats

If everything is clear with how to remove the front seat, the rear seats are of two main types, used in cars with body type "sedan" and "hatchback." You do not need to think about how to remove the seat upholstery or whether you need to completely disassemble the luggage compartment. If necessary, remove the rear seats is quite possible on their own, without resorting to the services of automotive specialists or car repair shops.

How to remove the seat

From the tools, for this procedure, you need only wrenches and a little patience. All the rest is to act according to the instructions.

  1. Before you remove the rear seat, you must first remove the rubberized plugs, located on the racks installing the rear or front seat cushions.They are located on the place of joining the floor of the body with the seats and cover the fastening nuts. It is required to carefully unscrew them from the seats and put them in a separate place in order to avoid confusing them with other elements of disassembly.
  2. Next, you need to raise the upper edge of the seat cushion in such a way as to free up space for further dismantling. Slightly move the seat forward, detach the securing clips that allow you to hold the back of the pillow. And completely remove the seat cushion from the passenger compartment.
  3. The next step to success will be cleaning the spare wheel bracket, located in the luggage compartment of the car. It is necessary to gently bend and remove the mounting plate that connects the floor with the front of the luggage compartment mat. To gain access to the mounting of the rear seatbacks, you must carefully remove the front luggage compartment trim.
  4. Then you need to carefully inspect the trunk and find in it two nuts. Each of the nuts, respectively, attaches the right or left side of the backrest. Remove the nuts and set them aside.
  5. Tilt the rear seat back so that the mounting bolts come out of the corresponding threaded holes. Next, you need to pull the cabin ceiling and remove the back of the rear seat, freeing the brackets from the brackets. Remove the backrest from the car body.
  6. Rotate the armrests so that an angle of 45 degrees is formed. Remove the mounting bolts and without sharp jerks remove the armrests outside the cabin.
  7. Remove the mounting screws securing the headrest to the backrest. Remove the head restraint.
  8. Install the rear seats in the reverse order. It should be remembered that all fasteners, even if they are absolutely identical, must be installed on the places on which they were originally. This will ensure proper installation and the absence of "extra" parts.
  9. To remove the driver's seat, it is necessary to unscrew the mounting bolts that fix the back of the seat trim. To do this, unscrew the bolt of the seat belt. Move the front seat cushion to the steering wheel until it stops and unscrew the bolts that secure the sled to the surface of the car floor.
  10. Move the front seat back as far as it will go and unscrew the screws that secure the front of the sled. Remove the seat belt tensioner connector. If necessary, remove the electric motors so that they do not disturb you.

The history of the improvement of the automotive industry has not changed radically in the field of seat anchorage. This instruction is suitable for almost any car brand. The main criterion for mounting and dismounting the front and rear seats is accuracy, cleanliness when working with seat trim and a clear arrangement of fasteners in their seats.

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