How to remove the program from the registry?

Practice shows that many usersvery often they keep unnecessary programs on their computer in large numbers. In addition, this results in clogging and fragmentation of the hard disk, some applications can add themselves to the startup list, which makes the system even slower. In this case, it is worth understanding how important it is to correctly remove programs and how to remove the program from the registry so that the system does not work "slowed down." Even a very powerful computer with a multi-core processor and gigabytes of RAM is powerless before the insidious threat of total capture of the system by so-called software garbage. Often hundreds of unnecessary files of various programs are guilty of blocking the system, as well as pieces of files that survived the uninstallation of the application, very often there are already inactive entries in the registry that are not cleaned by the uninstaller, but have a very negative effect on the system.

Before proceeding to the question of how to removeprogram from the registry, it is important to note the importance of correct removal of the program. To uninstall various applications, a special utility is available in the operating systems of the Windows family. The operation with this utility is suitable for those who do not want to install any other software on their computer during the removal process. To completely remove all components of the uninstalled program, this is not enough, since in the registry there are still unnecessary pieces of code and records. This is where we come to the importance of the question of how to remove from the registry.

When using the standard features foryou should not have any problems with uninstalling programs, since the window has a clear interface and controls, and when you select an application that is to be uninstalled, the uninstaller of this program will appear before you. Let's not go into the standard way of removing applications in detail, but let's move on to a more efficient method of cleaning up the system from software garbage.

If you are seriously concerned about how to removeprogram from the registry, then we can say that your best assistant can be a special utility CCleaner, certified by Microsoft. For our purposes, it is quite enough for you to use the free version, which is freely available. After the application is installed, you should go to the Tools tab. You will see the "Remove Programs" menu. It does not differ much in appearance from the usual standard utility, except that you can only remove the entry about the installed program from the registry without removing it completely from the computer, as well as the ability to rename programs in the registry. Experts recommend that you uninstall using the CCleaner program, since after that you will be able to do the rest of the system cleaning. Deleting programs is similar to how it is done in a standard utility. After that, you can clean the system of garbage, which it may be present.

How to remove the program from the registry?

To start, you need to open the "Cleanup" tab,then click "Analyze", which will start the scanning of the file system. If the computer did not perform such operations, then it may contain gigabytes of unnecessary information. Now in the "Registry" tab, you must select "Search problems". After the program scans, you will see a list of available problems. After that, you should click "Fix", which will allow the application to delete unnecessary files. It is worth doing these simple manipulations after each removal of a program.

If you are interested in how to delete a file from the registry, then everything is just as simple, the main thing is to select the object you are interested in.

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