How to remove a chick?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
May 5, 2015
How to remove a chick?

Any guy, regardless of his appearance, status, financial capabilities, would like to be able to meet girls in any situation. We will tell you how to remove a chick without any special difficulties with the use of pickup equipment.

How to remove a girl

Before you go to the girl and get to know her, evaluate her emotional state and fit under it. In other words, if a girl is cheerful, cheerful and energetic, then acquaintance with her should be equally cheerful and bright. If you come to her in a hindered state, most likely she will not understand you and will not want to continue communication.

Prepare the first phrase, based on the situation in which you are. For example, if you decide to meet a girl in a store, then you can ask her advice about cooking some food, the club will be the easiest way to invite a girl to a slow dance. This simple and seemingly beaten trick works almost flawlessly.

During the conversation, try to joke. If a girl likes a joke, she will gladly continue your conversation. Try not to be boring and intrusive.After a little talk with the girl, leave her alone or with her friends, let them appreciate what is happening and get a little bored for your company.

Let her know what you really need, even if you are not looking for a serious relationship, but a fleeting affair. Believe me, many girls will even be interested to participate in such an adventure.

To take the girl with you, choose the right moment. The easiest way to do this when there are not a lot of girlfriends around. In the club for this is ideal dance time. If you have a feeling that the girl is relaxed and ready to follow you, just tell her: “Let's go,” and begin to lead her away. Most likely, she will follow you without any questions.

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