How to refuel HP 122?

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How to refuel HP 122?

Today, many homes have such a useful device as a printer. Thanks to him, you can print documents for work, photos, as well as print reports, essays and other educational materials to school, college or university. The printer has become a very useful thing in everyday life, however, you need to know how to use it correctly.

Some difficulties arise when it is necessary to refill the cartridge with hand paint. Of course, this can be done for a fee at any service or hardware store, however, many people want to refill the cartridge on their own at no extra cost.

Consider how to refill an HP 122 cartridge.

How to refill HP 122 cartridge black and color

The cartridge is often used until the end until the color is finished, and then left blank until the next time you need to print again. However, this is incorrect and it is necessary to refill the cartridge immediately after it has run out. The longer the cartridge is kept empty, the more difficult it will be to refill it properly and well. Otherwise, the print head of the cartridge may dry out very strongly, and you will have to throw it out and buy a new cartridge.

In addition, you should not print until the moment when the cartridge is used up completely. If the program warns you about running out of ink or printing becomes faint, then it's time to refill the cartridge. This happens when the ink runs out, as a result, the nozzles inside the cartridge can burn out, and then it will become useless.

To properly and well refill the cartridge, you must:

  1. Clean the print head (nozzle plate) of the cartridge with a clean, damp cloth.HP 122
  2. Put the printhead cartridge down on a clean cloth.
  3. Remove the sticker from the cartridge to open the refill holes. The sticker should not be removed completely, because it is needed. It is enough to bare the holes.
  4. Take a filling syringe and collect the required amount of ink of the desired color.
  5. Pierce the filler with the needle of the syringe into the hole of the desired color. To determine the color of the ink in the hole, if not indicated on the cartridge or documents, you just need to pierce the filler with a clean needle and pull it out.
  6. Slowly and gently inject the ink into the holes until the ink begins to bleed through the hole. This will let us know that the cartridge is full.For all the holes of different colors, you need to repeat these manipulations.
  7. Before refilling with another color, you must either change the needle or rinse with distilled water and dry so that no ink of a foreign color remains, otherwise the ink in the cartridge will be mixed and you will spoil it.
  8. After refilling, pull the needle out of the hole and blot it with a clean cloth so that the ink does not mix.HP 122
  9. Label the cartridge with a sticker so that it is as before - the holes were tightly closed and air entered through the grooves. That is why you should not remove the sticker completely at the beginning of work, so that you do not stick it back correctly for a long time.
  10. Clean the print head and the contact plate with a dry cloth.
  11. Insert the cartridge into the printer correctly, as in the instructions, and test the operation of the cartridge by printing a checklist as indicated in the instructions for the printer.

It is very important not to confuse the colors of the holes so that the cartridge does not deteriorate. You can find out the colors of the holes from the documentation or by experiment with a needle. And on different cartridges the arrangement of colors may vary, therefore, after buying a new one, you should carefully consider this.

After all the manipulations, the cartridge will print efficiently and correctly if you follow the instructions.

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