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This spring, at a dacha near Kiev, I want to clean up the area in front of the house. I’m going to break tracks for a long time, but from grandiose plans I really want to make something beautiful, like an alpine slide or something else like that. Advise who understands this.
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Answered on February 27 18:27
You can try to implement your ideas, why not? With the tracks, if you want, you can try to figure it out yourself. It depends on what you are going to make them. Putting pebbles or some other way to arrange. But it is better to learn about the Alpine hill, probably, from masters of landscape architecture, for example, on this site
Answered on February 27 18:32
Our summer cottage neighbors have an alpine slide. I like it very much, it looks beautiful, it is a real decoration of the site, with a completely different look. She pleases the eye, but keep in mind that you need to care for her like a flowerbed.
Answered on February 27, 18:37
I would not particularly bother with complex structures on my site.For all this beauty then have to follow. Ideally, as for me, it would be just a beautiful lawn to do. Although he will require considerable effort.

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